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3 Best International Nursery Schools in Singapore and Their Fees

Nursery Schools in Singapore

by Alex James
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As parents, we want our kids to study at the best schools, right? These early years of childhood are so crucial that we should make sure that we enroll them in a school with a good environment.

So, this article is especially for those parents who are planning to enroll their kids in nursery school and are very conscious of the Singapore school fees. There are so many international nursery schools in Singapore, but the best are these three:

The best International Nursery Schools in Singapore and their School Fees

  1. Global Indian International School

GIIS is one of the best international nursery schools in Singapore. The school focuses on the overall excellence of the students. They have a unique framework called 9GEMS to help students excel in studies as well as in sports.

GIIS’s Singapore School Fee Structure

The fee structure of GIIS is very transparent and can be found on its website. They provide detailed information about their fees. They charge fees based on the terms, and the school follows a three-term pattern. As a result, you can pay the fees at the start of each term.

The school charges a term fee between $4072 and $5090 for nursery classes. The GIIS fee structure is transparent. To give you an idea, they charge a tuition fee, an activity fee, a student welfare fee, and so on. GIIS also accepts different modes of payment.

  1. Stamford American International School

SAIS gives your child a safe and sound environment. The school emphasizes experiential learning for the kids. The classes are held in a wood-structured classroom, giving the kids a natural feel. The school also has open spaces where kids can explore, discover, and express themselves.

SAIS’s Singapore School Fee Structure

SAIS charges an annual fee between $17,646 and $26,724 for nursery classes. The school offers a flexible fee structure. For the nursery, you can choose the fee based on how many days you want to send your kid to school. You also have the option of sending your kid for a full or half day.

The fee is charged on a semester basis. The fee includes everything from books to selected school activities.

  1. Canadian International School

CIS is a school that helps students discover and explore their interests. They give equal priority to both academics and other school activities that can help students grow. At CIS, they provide a safe and sound environment for the students.

CIS’s Singapore School Fee Structure

CIS charges an annual fee between $17,450 and $25,450 for nursery classes. The school probably has the best fee structure. The fees should be paid every semester. If not paid on time, late charges are imposed. They even offer discounts if you enroll your second child after enrolling your first. Nice, right?

The best part is that they also have insurance policies and refund policies. CIS accepts all types of payments.


Among the many international schools in Singapore, these are the best. These schools help your child grow mentally strong in a good environment. The schools focus not just on studies but also on other school activities. Through these school activities, students can discover new interests and enhance their skills.

If I had to pick one of these three nursery schools, I would pick GIIS. GIIS provides a one-of-a-kind framework for students to achieve overall excellence. The GIIS fee structure is well-defined, and the fees are affordable.

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