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7 Reasons to Study in UK at Queen’s University Belfast

Study in UK

by Alex James
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7 Reasons to Study in UK at Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast

Are you thinking about studying abroad but can’t seem to make up your mind? Here are 7 reasons to study in UK at Queen’s University Belfast for either your whole degree or even just a semester!

Queen’s University Belfast is globally networked and connected and has strategic partnerships all over the world. We are affiliated with 37 running spin-off companies, which keeps us at the cutting edge of innovation. We were ranked first in the UK by Octopus Ventures for entrepreneurial impact in 2020.

Belfast, where we are based, was named the finest travel destination in the world for 2018.

Study Abroad at Queen’s University Belfast

Personal Growth

Travelling to another country to study gives you a more expansive view of the world. In the process of settling in, you will gain valuable skills and experience, which you would not have been able to do so just by only living in one country.

Getting out of your comfort zone will truly push you to learn new things and become a better version of yourself. Experiencing different things will broaden your horizons and provide you with unique viewpoints and opinions of the world.

Queen’s University Belfast Learning Process

Learn How to Be Independent

Studying abroad helps you become more independent as you will undoubtedly face many challenges that you will have to learn how to handle by yourself. Being alone in a new country is truly a scary but liberating experience. Navigating all the challenges that come your way will help you gain newfound independence that enables you to grow as an individual.

You will learn crucial adulating skills such as budgeting your finances, managing your time and learning how to comprise and live amongst flat mates/roommates. These may all seem quite hard at first, but trust me; these skills are better learnt early and will be extremely helpful in the long run.

Experience a Different Culture

Living in only one country your whole life may not grant you the experience of learning about other people’s cultures worldwide. When studying abroad, you get to expose yourself to an entirely new country’s culture. Moving to Northern Ireland, you can learn about their unique Irish history, traditions, holidays, and more!

Don’t be shy to ask people questions, as the people here are one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met in my entire life. They are more than willing to share the stories of their life here and the country’s history. They might even give you tips on where are the best places to visit and have fun!

Travel around the World

Another reason to study abroad would be the easy accessibility of travelling! Not only can you travel within the country you are studying in, but you can also visit other neighboring countries. For example, studying in Northern Ireland allows you to travel to Ireland on the bus and back for only £17, how amazing is that!

Learning to plan your travel itineraries also provides you with valuable travel skills which will help you save money. Seeing new countries and cities will also help expand your personal understanding of the world and change your perception of life.

One of the best parts would be absorbing the best of each culture and adapting them into your own life. It could be something like trying out new foods and learning how to make them, or it could also be adopting specific values into your life!

All the travelling you do while studying abroad will one day end up being great conversation topics with anyone.

Meet a Diverse Range Of People

When studying abroad, you meet not only people from that specific country but also international students from all over the world who have come to study abroad just like you. This allows you to meet a diverse range of people who can introduce you to new cultures and practices.

If you exchange social media details, you can still keep in contact and see what their lives are like in their own countries. Further to that, if you wish to visit their country, you can ask them for travel advice and the best places to visit known only to locals to have an authentic experience. You may stay in touch with them in the long run, but the memories spent with them will be worth it even if you don’t!

Find New Interests

Being all by yourself may push you to try new things that you wouldn’t have thought of before when you were backing home. It could be learning a new skill or even experiencing something different.

Your mindset changes when you study abroad and it gives you the confidence to try new things often to ensure you spend your time here wisely before you go back to your home country.

Universities abroad may offer more varieties of clubs and activities that you can join to try new experiences. Queen’s University Belfast University Belfast offers over 215 clubs that you can join. An example of some of the unique clubs led by students in Queen’s University Belfast is the Trampoline Club, Mountaineering Club, Caving Club and many more!

The best part is you don’t have to have any prior experience to join most of the clubs and activities. I had joined a Stock Market Challenge hosted by QUB even though I had no prior knowledge of the subject in hopes of learning something new!

Better Quality of Education offered by Queen’s University Belfast

Access to Better Quality of Education

Studying abroad gives you a chance to experience different styles of education systems and may provide you access to a better quality of education. This could mean going to a university that is much more well-known than the universities in your home country for the specific major you intend to pursue. Having the option to study abroad also means you are not limited to certain universities and programs in your home country, as you have a wider pool of options to pick from.

Wrapping Up!

In a nutshell, I hope all the reasons above managed to help you make your decision to study abroad easier. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if you have the luxury of doing so, don’t be afraid to take on the experience!

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