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A Guide About Devkund Waterfall trek

by Alex James
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Devkund waterfall


The “bathing Pond of Gods” is another name for the Devkund Waterfall. It is surrounded by a thick forest and recognized as the excellent location for outdoor enthusiasts and nature enthusiasts.

The Devkund Waterfalls, a well-known tourist destination in Maharashtra, are adjacent to Lonavala. The waterfalls are bordered by verdant grasslands and are a well-liked picnic location.

The Devkund Waterfalls’ distinguishing feature is that it is one of the few splash falls in Maharashtra. This indicates that the waterfall pours down directly into the pool on the rocks. This enhances your spectacular experience at Devkund.

If you’re thinking about visiting the Devkund Waterfalls, you should first learn as much as you can about the location. Here is  the brief guide to the Devkund Waterfalls as a favor to you.

The Devkund Waterfalls is the ideal escape for a quick vacation away from the city because of its close vicinity to Mumbai. Being there, far from the crowds at hill stations, is also cool. You can enjoy hiking while there, which is another reason to go. You’ll like the walking adventure to the waterfall’s height if you love nature.

How to get there

Going during the monsoon is recommended. The weather is moderate, and the setting is ideal for a hike or day trip. Between the months of July and August, when the rainfall is at its highest, the waterfall is at its most impressive.

If you are using a GPS, follow the directions on the map, or if not, ask someone for directions. Although the trip is very smooth, we advise taking a taxi from Pune or Mumbai to the waterfalls because there aren’t many parking spaces close to the falls.


The Bhira village is where the Devkund trek starts. At a moderate pace, the hike will take you two hours to finish. Watch for the Bhira Dam to know where to begin. From the Dam, turn left and enter the village. There, you’ll find a food stand. You could grab a few snacks, ask for the right directions, and then start the ascent.

Please be aware that it is safer to travel to the falls with a guide. Near the beginning point in Bhira, there are local guides available. They demand about Rs. 100 per person. They are quite familiar with the paths and may share some interesting facts about the falls with you.

Near the falls, about 10 kilometers distant, are guesthouses and cheap lodges. Both the dining options and the basic comfort amenities are excellent in these lodgings.

Near the Devkund Waterfalls, there are several fantastic camping spots for those who want to spend the night outside.

The renowned Ghangad Fort is another destination for tourists. The distance to the Devkund waterfall is roughly 9 kilometers. Its base village, Ekole, serves as the beginning of an exciting adventure. The route is enclosed by a thick forest and is safe and simple to follow. Although there isn’t much to do here, adventure seekers come here to go on long hikes.

The fort has two entries which are very old. To get close to the fort, you had to ascend an iron ladder.


Indulge in the breathtaking sights of the Devkund Hills as soon as you reach the peak. The waterfall’s beauty will astonish you, especially during the rains. Do not overlook catching a sight of the neighboring Tamhini Ghat while exploring the waterfalls. There are a few grassy areas near the waterfalls that are great for picnics. In fact, many families from Pune and Mumbai frequently visit for a picnic on the weekends. A section of the Kundalika river that is popular for river rafting is only a few kilometers from the Devkund Waterfalls. To encounter the Kundalika’s rapids is an unique experience.


  • Keep insect repellents on you.
  • Be sure to bring a torch.
  • A quality set of running sneakers.
  • A water bottle for the journey.
  • If you’re travelling during the monsoon, bring a jacket.


  • Don’t try to swim at the falls because it’s forbidden.
  • The journey can be complicated, so if you’re in a group, stay together at all times.
  • Never go all the way into the forest.
  • To prevent littering and unnecessary animal interest, it is strongly advised that you do not bring any edibles to the sanctuary or close to the waterfalls.
  • Tell your family and friends time to time about your location. 
  • Avoid taking selfies near dangerous areas.
  • Keep information on the closest bus stop, taxi stand, and train station ready.
  • Please carry dry bags or plastic bags for yout ravel in Indiar wallet, cash, camera, phone, and other electronic devices.
  • A bag or backpack with a rain cover.

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