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All You Need to Know About TV Water Damage – By Lawrence’s TV Repair Shops

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TV Water Damage

LCD televisions provide outstanding image quality, but they are susceptible to moisture and water damage like every other electronic device. The television screen with a liquid-crystal display, consisting of liquid crystals between two flat sheets of glass, is susceptible to water harm from direct water exposure and air humidity. According to the kind of damage there can be various signs of water damage. In this blog, we will walk you through all you need to know about TV water damage. The information given below is approved by experts from TV repair shop in Lawrence, KS. Let’s dive right in.

Common Causes of TV Water Damage 

Before we go over the signs, let’s go through the common causes of TV water damage. According to experts from TV repair shops, your LCD TV may sustain water damage for various reasons. Undoubtedly, among the most typical kinds of water damage is your screen is directly exposed to water via a leaking roof, a flooded home, or an unintentional spill. Running the LCD TV in a moist, humid, or damp atmosphere can also harm the TV screen.  Over time, damp air can enter the LCD TV and damage the interior electronic parts in addition to the screen.

Signs of TV Water Damage

A modern TV screen shows a variety of signs that clearly show water damage once it has been wet or exposed to water or moisture. The screen may have water stains if exposed to a significant amount of humidity or moisture. The moisture stains may still be there even after cleaning the display, indicating that they are actually present between the glass sheets. An LCD panel that has been heavily saturated will develop black patches that look like ink blotches. Additionally, these stains also accumulate in between glass sheets.

What Can You Do to Prevent TV Water Damage?

Use a TV screen protector to guard against harm from unexpected spills and excessive humidity in the air. Maintain the moisture levels in your home, keep them under control and make sure to keep the television away from moist places. If there is a spillage or exposure, clean the TV screen and the spillage as quickly as you can to prevent extensive water damage. 

Maintenance Tips By Lawrence’s Professional TV Repair Shops

Screen covers not only shield the LCD TV’s screen but also make maintenance simpler. Keep the TV screen protector and the screen underneath it clean regularly to get rid of any moisture accumulation or other particles that can harm the screen. Never splash water onto an LCD panel directly. Simply clean the screen with a soft, wet cloth.

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How to Repair TV Water Damage

Naturally, you can’t repair your water-damaged TV screen when it’s plugged in because doing so will cause more harm. Electronic parts of TV are easily harmed by water. 

Therefore, always remember to disconnect and switch off your tv. When your tv is exposed to water, do this right away.

A water-damaged TV is challenging to repair, and outcomes depend on the damage’s nature, extent, and area. Disconnect the LCD TV from the power source and relocate it to a dry area if the damage is mild or is only beginning to appear in a moist environment. To provide proper air movement and permit the humidity to evaporate, make sure the TV is kept away from other things by a few inches. Take the TV to a TV repair shop in Lawrence, KS, for screen replacement or repair if it has sustained significant water damage. You might have to buy a new tv if these solutions are not useful.

Thankfully, Lawrence, KS is home to the TV repair business. Many experienced and reliable TV repair shops operate here, like Budger Repair. Take your damaged TV to their skilled technicians for quick and affordable repair services.

Can Insurance cover Water Damage?

Yes, but only in specific circumstances. 

For instance, you may file an insurance claim if your TV is destroyed during a storm. It won’t likely be covered by your insurance, though, if it is broken in a house accident.

To know the details, you can speak with your attorney for assistance with your insurance settlement and coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cost-effective to fix a TV, or is replacing a better option?

If the cost of repairing your TV is much less than the price of purchasing a new TV, it is worthwhile to do so. A shattered screen is usually the most costly flat-screen TV repair for all screen sizes, often costing more than a new one.

Why is my TV screen displaying vertical lines?

The same issues that cause horizontal lines on a TV also cause vertical lines: frayed wires and cables, damaged screens, and malfunctioning T-Con boards.

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