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Best Gaming Headsets For PC And Console

by Alex James
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A pair of the best gaming headsets are the key to victory for gamers. Luckily, there are many top brands of headsets available for purchase that are a suitable fit for both PC and consoles. 

Before we recommend the best pairs, it is a must to know what makes a headset good for a great gaming experience. Gamers must find the most comfortable headsets if it’s about long-hour game sessions as body material plays a major role in comfort level. High audio quality also matters for having a clear sound to be completely engaged in the game.

Additionally, the headsets must have in-built mics for clear communication with the opponent gamers. With this, let’s get straight to the top best gaming headsets that are most efficient for PC and console gaming.

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Top-Quality Brands Of Gaming Headsets For PC And Console Gaming

Avaya L129 Headsets

These monaural headset models are very useful for PC and console gaming. Their quick magnetic connection eases the seamless move from one device to another. They are best for competitive games.

The noise cancellation feature streamlines the gaming experience of the gamers by eliminating unwanted background noise. These types of headsets are the best choice for the busy environment. Gamers can focus and interact with the opponent players. 

Moreover, these models also offer LED indicators. One LED is fixed on the mics boom which lights up when in use but on mute. This prevents the gamers from making efforts to unknowingly keep talking when muted. The second LED is on the ear cup that blinks when completely active, eliminating the disturbance from people around when in the middle of the game. 

Besides this, the AcousticEdge technology of the Avaya promises a clear sound and protects the gamers hearing by restricting the effects of long-term exposures. The headsets provide complete security for end-users. It maintains the peak audio energy below the safety standard limits.

Jabra EVOLVE 65 MS Stereo Headsets Plus Charging Stand

These wireless Bluetooth headsets are best for PC and console gaming. This is all because of its advanced features that streamline the entire gaming experience. The Bluetooth technology allows a connection to the devices up to 30m meters(100 feet). They are mainly well-known for working best with Windows PCs.

Moreover, gamers can get the convenience of dual connectivity using these headset models. They can connect it to the PC and another Bluetooth device (mobile phone) simultaneously. This facilitates taking up calls whenever required or emergency in between the game.

Besides this, there is no worry about battery life as these potential headsets run up to 10 hours. When it comes to convenience, their leatherette ear cushion enhances comfort level, leading to a successful long-hour gaming session.

Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825-M Bluetooth Headsets

Well, Plantronics Voyager Focus UC B825-M headsets connect to the PCs using a USB adapter and console via Bluetooth. Make the gamers hear and be heard with their active noise-canceling feature.

The high-quality stereo system of the headsets delivers hi-fi stereo sound and an excellent audio experience. With enhanced DSP, the triple mics of these devices filter out unwanted noise. Additionally, the open mic button in them allows gamers to hear the surrounding sound whenever they want.

Moreover, the active mute alert feature of the headphones easily senses and notifies, preventing unknowingly speaking up when muted. When it’s about comfort and durability, these headphones provide great convenience. They consist of soft memory foam with a wrapping of leatherette ear cushions. The cushioned metal device ensures great durability while also ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. 

Jabra EVOLVE 75 Stereo MS Wireless Stereo Headsets Plus Charging Stand

These wireless headsets for gaming sessions are an ideal choice as they can be easily connected to a PC and console. They are popular for their dual connectivity to 2 Bluetooth devices. Gamers can continue the games(which do not need communication) and listen to music simultaneously, enhancing their productivity. 

These headsets provide easy movement up to 30 m(1000 ft) from the PCs and consoles. Equipped with an active noise canceling feature, there is a reduction in background noise interruptions. Also, the LED indicators help in signaling a “do not disturb” mood, ensuring no disturbance in between the gaming session.

Besides this, their HD voice feature delivers good sound quality, making the gaming session superbly seamless and outstanding.

Plantronics Poly Savi 8240 USB-A UC Wireless Headsets

These wireless headsets have the top position currently in the Plantronics 8200 series. They are specifically designed for PC gamers only and are available in four models- headbands, 3 ear gels, neckbands, and 2 ear hooks. According to the need and convenience, gamers can choose any.

The headsets have in-built microphones with a noise-canceling feature, that is very effective in filtering out the background loud noise. This enhances the gaming experience when the voice is heard from both ends. 

As Plantronics Savi 8240 UC models are wireless, gamers can maintain connectivity up to 590 from the PCs. This means it is easy to move between the games to manage other work. Most importantly, the headsets have superior battery power that runs for almost 7 hours with no need for recharging in between. If it is a long gaming session, these headsets are a must-purchase.

Plantronics Savi W8220-M DECT Wireless Headsets

These are the best gaming headsets that work well with PCs as well as different types of consoles. They are well known for their three-way connectivity, making the seamless switch between the three connected devices. It means, gamers can enjoy their game, and at the same time can answer calls quickly and even listen to music. 

In addition, the headsets have excellent sound quality because of the DECT audio which facilitates the hearing experience with two advanced models. The Stereo(Savi 8200) model filters out unwanted noise via noise canceling technology and delivers hi-fi stereo sound. On the other hand, mono(Savi 8210) maintains the connection allowing the gamers to enjoy the games and hear the surrounding conversations as well.

The DECT audio technology also offers freedom up to 590 feet from the PCs with clear sound quality, facilitating effective communication during the game. With the availability of one-touch controls, gamers can increase or decrease the volume and even mute it when roaming. 


These are the top brands of best gaming headsets that gamers can choose from according to their needs and convenience for PC and console gaming. The noise-canceling technology provides an audible voice by blocking the background noise and the leatherette ear cushions provide wearing comfort, streamlining the long-hour game. Plus, the high-quality mics provide crystal clear sound, and so on.

Do note that headsets are a long-term investment, so consider buying from well-known and reputable stores.

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