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Best Mental And Physical Program for a Strong And Calm Mind

by Alex James
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Best Mental And Physical Program for a Strong And Calm Mind

Incorporate Pilates into your daily routine for a great low-impact workout. Continue reading to learn more.

Pilates is a low-impact workout that works to strengthen your muscles through regulated, repetitive movements, as well as to increase physical endurance and stability. There are numerous benefits to incorporating Pilates into your training routine, ranging from increased strength to better posture. Continue reading to learn about some of the most significant advantages.

Meet your mind and body expert at Rebellious Studio

A fitness and wellness enthusiast, Maria left the corporate world to pursue her passion.  Maria has been teaching group exercise classes in various formats since the age of 16 and for nearly 30 years. Maria found Pilates in 2012 and fell in love with the practice, which combines strength, flexibility, and fluidity. The influence Pilates made on her exercise program and daily functional movement astounded her. In June 2013, Maria completed a 600-hour certification as a Romana teacher with Holly Pruell Leun and Juanita Lopez at Pilates of Dunwoody. She’s the best 600 hour Certified Pilates Teacher.


Why you should choose Rebellious Studio?

With Rebellious Studio, you’ll be able to transform your mind and body. It is the best pilates class in Sandy Springs, GA.

  • Mentorship from an Expert

30 years of fitness expertise, 9 years of Pilates experience, personal life transformation, and numerous client success stories. Maria is here to help you along the way!

  • Proven Strategy

Remove the uncertainty. Use a tried-and-true strategy. Show up consistently to discover your genuine self as well as a strong, toned body.

  • Online or in-person

Either in person or online, you can choose a mode of transforming your mind and body. Videos might be live or recorded. Flexible solutions that can be tailored to your lifestyle and budget.

Pilates Is a Total-Body Workout

Pilates trains the body as a whole, emphasizing core, lower, and upper body strength, as well as flexibility and posture. Pilates routines produce strength, muscular balance, flexibility, and increased joint range of motion.

Core support and full-body training, including the breath and mind, create a degree of integrative fitness that is difficult to find elsewhere. It is also one of the reasons Pilates is popular in rehab settings as well as among athletes who find Pilates to be a solid foundation for whatever type of movement they do. ​

Pilates Is Suitable for Everyone

The basics of Pilates movement apply to you and your body whether you are an older adult just starting to exercise, an elite athlete, or somewhere in between. Pilates is accessible to anyone due to its emphasis on core strength, appropriate alignment, and the body-mind connection.

Pilates workouts can be adjusted to individual needs thanks to the dozens of available exercises and variations. There are modifications that may be made to the exercises, and there are even concerns for Pilates for men and during pregnancy. If you have any current or previous injuries or other special concerns, you can learn modifications from a trained Pilates instructor.

Pilates promotes muscular endurance and strength.

Pilates helps you create muscles that work well with your entire body as well as your overall fitness as you progress through life.

Pilates uses a form of muscle contraction known as an eccentric contraction to build muscular endurance and strength. This form of muscle contraction happens when the muscle is extended while under strain. Pilates techniques frequently require you to defy gravity and move in a controlled manner, such as while performing a tricep, push up or releasing tension on a Pilates ring.

Pilates improves core strength.

It is the deep muscles of the back, abdomen, and pelvic floor that make up the core muscles of the body. These muscles help to maintain a strong, supple back, better posture, and optimal movement patterns.

The frame of the body is sustained when the core is strong. It allows the neck and shoulders to relax, and the rest of the muscles and joints to do their jobs (but not more). A strong core can also help you understand how to pull your abs in to get the most out of numerous workouts.

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