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Best Sewing Machine for Stitching Jeans

Best Sewing Machine for Stitching Jeans

by Alex James
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Jeans are a very comfortable outfit which gives a stunning look. But the jeans available in the market do not always fit our size. It is a great option if we stitch our jeans at home. This will help us in creating jeans of beautiful designs of our choice with a fitting size. Stitching jeans on a sewing machine will also save money. But the denim fabric of which jeans are made, is very hard. The layers of fabric on it, makes it very thick. But if you choose the right sewing machine for stitching jeans it becomes very easy to sew jeans. Such fabrics are hard to stitch in a regular sewing machine. Regular sewing machines can only create the hems on jeans. The jeans require sewing machines which can take tougher projects. Heavy duty sewing machines are specially designed with features which are suitable for handling tough and thick fabrics like jeans. Such heavy duty sewing machines are a better option to choose for stitching Jeans and sewing machine price. It should be packed up with the following features – 

  • It should have a highly efficient motor.
  • The parts of the machine should be made up of metal rather than plastic.
  • The speed of sewing should be very fast.
  • It should be capable of sewing multi layered fabrics.
  • It should smoothly stitch the most thicker parts of jeans such as the folded edges, waist band, pockets etc.
  • It should have special types of needles required for stitching jeans. The needle should be strong enough for a deeper penetration for sewing the thick denim fabric of jeans.
  • The sewing machine should have some zig zag stitches needed for sewing some parts of jeans.
  • It should have options for thick and durable thread or the buttonhole threads.

Top sewing Machines for stitching Jeans with price.

Janome HD10000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine.

This sewing machine from Janome is perfect for stitching jeans. This premium style sewing machine has features that are most suited for stitching heavy fabrics. The cost of this sewing machine is $358.71 on Amazon.com.


  • The sewing machine has a strong and powerful cast aluminum body, strong enough for stitching jeans.
  • The model has a free arm for sewing thick fabrics like jeans, collars etc.
  • It has fourteen built-in stitches.
  • It has a strong automatic build in needle threader
  • It has a built-in buttonhole.

Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine.

This is one of the best sewing machines for stitching strong and tough fabrics like jeans. This durable and powerful mechanical sewing machine has amazing features suited for stitching jeans at a lower price. The price of this sewing machine for stitching jeans is $219 on Amazon.com, extra charges required for shipping to India.


  • It has 37 excellent built in stitches.
  • It has an automatic needle threader with easy to load bobbin. 
  • It has a metal needle plate and heavy metal needles, durable for stitching multi layered fabrics like jeans.
  • It sews excellent through many layers of denim fabric.
  • It gives free arm sewing, best for stitching long cylindrical outfits like cuffs, sleeves, jeans etc.
  • It has a durable and reliable motor.
  • The sewing speed is very fast which is 800 stitches per minute.
  • The sewing machine comes with a 20 years limited warranty.

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Toyota 26 Super Jeans Sewing Machine.

 This sewing machine is specially designed for stitching jeans. It has a signature look in its black colour. This sewing machine is quite durable and powerful for sewing through multiple thick layers of fabric. It can sew through denim, leather etc, giving a good finish. This sewing machine for stitching jeans can be found on Amazon.co.uk which ships internationally. Although this model is unavailable right now, it will soon arrive.


  • It is superior in quality with a low cost price.
  • It smoothly handles with thick fabrics like jeans.
  • Although it has a plastic body which makes it light weighted, it works on heavy clothes.
  • It has 26 different stitches. It comes with a guarantee of three years.
  • It has an automatic threader cutter.
  • This matt coated black colour sewing machine is very easy to use. 

Singer Heavy Duty 4432  Sewing machine.

This model from Singer is an ideal sewing machine for stitching jeans. It looks very attractive in its grey color. You can buy it from Amazon.com at a price of $ 209.This sewing machine, perfect for stitching jeans can be shipped to India on an extra charge of $164.81.


  • It has an option for reverse stitches.
  • It has 110 stitch applications.
  • It has suitable needles for penetrating through thick fabrics like jeans.
  • It has a strong and powerful motor, making it durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a drop feed lever to perfectly sew buttons, socks, pants etc. 
  • It has free arm support to stitch cylindrical clothes like cuffs, collars, pant hems etc.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Sewing Machine.

This model of Singer is perfect for stitching heavy and thick fabrics with its unique features. This is a computerized sewing machine with one touch stitch selection. This model of Singer is available at a price of $ 449 on Amazon.com.


  • It has a heavy and powerful metal frame which makes it durable.
  • The sewing machine has 1172 stitch applications including built-in lettering.
  • It has thirteen style button holes.
  • It has a computerized LCD screen.
  • The model comes with an extension table for sewing comfortably in the extra space area.
  • It has twenty-five years of limited warranty.

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