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Do You Know Customization Possibilities for Custom Display Boxes?

Custom Display Boxes

by Alex James
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Display Boxes

The main purpose of custom packaging boxes is to protect and showcase your products in the market. But these boxes are accessible to every brand. Your focus should be on designing these boxes differently to make a difference. For example, you can make trendy yet distinguishable boxes for your products to catch customers’ attention. For that purpose, you need to know the available customization techniques. These techniques will help you design boxes that are noticeable. Once you make customers notice your products, you will succeed in making sales. Furthermore, the design and professional appearance of packaging increase the worth of your products as well. When you display your products elegantly, customers will be convinced to purchase your products. Thus, the following are some customization possibilities for display product boxes:

Material Options

You can choose from Kraft, cardboard, Bux board, cardstock, and e-flute corrugated materials to make Custom Display Boxes. These materials are sustainable, recyclable, and reusable. Thus, when you get Kraft or cardboard display packaging boxes, you will not cause environmental pollution. Customers will notice this factor and appreciate your efforts. This way you can impress customers with eco-friendly display packaging. Moreover, this kind of packaging is easy to modify into any shape, size, or style. Hence you can get product display packaging of any design of your choice. The durable nature of this packaging will protect your products against damage as well.

Display Boxes

Die Cut Shapes

The latest die-cutting technique gives a perfect shape to product boxes. You can get boxes of any shape and size with the help of die-cutting. In this technique, a die is used to make the exact shape you want for personalized display boxes. Later the cutting will cut the boxes and give you the final results. You can measure the dimensions of the boxes and get accurate packaging for products. You can get one-piece or two-piece boxes of any style to display your products.  The die-cut display packaging boxes generally contain an open top. You can cut the borders of these boxes in distinctive shapes. Moreover, you can cut display packaging in cube, rectangular, or circular shapes per your needs.

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CMYK and PMS Color Models

You don’t need to worry about whether the color you choose is printable or not because CMYK and PMS color models can print all the hues. Whether you want the lightest shade of a color or the brightest one, these techniques are reliable. You can get custom-printed display boxes that are attractive enough to impress customers. You can color display packaging per the theme of your business. If you want to print the packaging in colors that are per the nature of your products, that would also be smart. The precise color combination will enhance the appearance of display packaging boxes. CMYK technique masks color on the light background while the PMS technique prints spot hues precisely, together they will work best to give desired results.

Custom Printing

The latest printing techniques have made it easier to print custom product boxes. You can print these boxes with eye-catchy graphics, images, and typography. The custom-printed display packaging helps you in communicating with the customers. You can print the outstanding features of your products on the packaging. This way, customers will know your products in a better way.

Display Boxes

Furthermore, you can print the brand name and logo on these boxes for the promotion of your business. custom display boxes with logos promote your business elegantly. Customers will know about your business and probably shop from you again. Moreover, you can print pictures, graphics, or drawings to enhance the charm of product display packaging. If you want to give a 3d touch to printed details, mock-up techniques are available for that purpose. Some other printing techniques include:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing

Versatile Custom Inserts

Custom-designed display boxes contain inserts to hold the products. These inserts also vary depending on the types of products. You can get these inserts customized in custom shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your products. For example, for circular products inserts will also be circular, and so on. Moreover, you can get perforated inserts or foam inserts per your needs. You can put lipsticks, lip balms, medicines, hand creams, makeup, and skin care products inside the inserts. Also, you can add custom handles to the display packaging boxes to make them more appealing. This way, you can use all the customization possibilities to design distinguishable product display packaging boxes. These boxes are placed on the counters or shelves of retail stores. One can easily pick their favorite products from these boxes.

Add On Options

For further designing custom display boxes, other customization techniques are available. For example, embossing and debossing techniques are available to give a premium appearance to display packaging. You can implement these techniques to brand names or logos. You can also design the borders of packaging boxes with these techniques. Other than that, you can use gold or silver foiling techniques to make premium display Custom Packaging Boxes. The metallic texture will give a royal appearance to the display packaging. You can also use this technique on the typography to make it more eye-catchy. Besides these, coating options like matte, glossy, or UV spot coatings are also available.

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