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Everything You Need To Know About AOR In Canadian Immigration

by Alex James
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Canada Immigration

Canada has become a popular choice to immigrate for people worldwide. It offers great opportunities, a clean environment, and a safe place to live in. Canada has even been called the best place to live in the world. But it is always difficult to move to a new country with a lot of paperwork, rules & regulations, and new terminologies. 

If you are new to the process of Canadian immigration, you might have come across the term AOR. The good news is that it’s just more of an immigration lingo that you might need to know that comes with a Canadian express entry visa or any other visa program you choose. Let’s understand what AOR stands for and how you can use it.

What Is AOR?

AOR stands for Acknowledgment of Receipt in Canadian immigration. It is a crucial step in the immigration process and is issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) after an individual submits their immigration application. 

Why Is AOR Important for Immigrants?

AOR is important in Canadian immigration because 

  • Confirms Receipt of Application- The AOR confirms that the immigration authorities have received the applicant’s application and that it is being processed.
  • Provides Reference Number- The AOR assigns a unique reference number to the applicant’s file, which can be used to track the status of their application.
  • Indicates Application Is Processed- Receiving an AOR means that the immigration process has officially begun and the applicant’s application is being reviewed by the IRCC.
  • Establishes Timeline- AOR sets the clock on the processing timeline for the applicant’s application and provides an estimated processing time.
  • Required for Further Steps- AOR is necessary for the applicant to proceed with additional steps in the immigration process, such as medical exams or police clearance certificates.

Do Candidates Receive AOR When Submitting a Paper Application?

AOR is also received when submitting a paper application for Canadian immigration. However, paper applications take longer to process than online applications and are generally not the preferred method of submitting an immigration application to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

The government recommends using the online portal, which allows applicants to submit their applications electronically and receive an AOR within minutes or hours. Online applications are processed more quickly and efficiently, making them the preferred method for submitting an immigration application to the IRCC.

After Receiving AOR, How Long Does It Take to Get Your PR?

The time it takes to receive Permanent Resident for Canadian immigration depends on several factors, including the immigration program applied for, the volume of applications received, and the specific circumstances of the individual’s case. 

In general, processing times for immigration applications vary and can range from several months to years. It’s important to understand that receiving an AOR is just the first step in the immigration process, and some additional steps and requirements need to be fulfilled before a decision on PR status is made.Receiving an AOR is a positive indication that your application is being considered for approval, and a reference number is provided for future correspondence with the immigration authorities for clarifications or queries. However, AOR is also important when applying for a work visa in Canada for Indian citizens as it confirms that IRCC has received their application. Well, we are sure that by now, you know the importance of AOR.

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