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A guide from a cell phone repair store in Airdrie, AB, to stop your gadgets from overheating

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We live in a world where electronic gadgets dominate our daily lives. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are used for surfing the web, communicating, and playing games. The obvious problem with electronic gadgets is that they usually get hot after being used for a while.

Overheating is a common problem with mobile devices, laptops, tablet PCs and other gadgets. When the weather is hot, it’s easy to overheat your laptop or phone.

However, some ways to keep your device cool and prevent overheating.

What can cause a device to heat up

There are several reasons for a device to overheat. Malware or viruses can cause the processor to overwork and produce more heat than normal. So, if your computer is running slow, it may be infected. You can check your device’s temperature with different free apps.

Other causes of overheating include

  • The cooling fan is not working properly.
  • A faulty battery that’s not charging as quickly as it should be,
  • The air vents on my computer/laptop are blocked by dust.

Quick Fixes to keep your gadget cool.

Turn off your gadgets.

  • Turn off your gadgets when not in use.
  • Turn off your devices when charging.
  • Please turn off your gadgets when they are not needed.
  • Use sleep mode while using a laptop and turn it on when you need it, or do the same with your mobile phone at night.

Keep them out of the sun.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and heat.
  • Don’t leave your device in a hot car.
  • Don’t put your device on top of a radiator or heater
  • Don’t use your device in a hot room (you can develop heatstroke if you do)
  • Maintain the room temperature while working with it by using one or more fans to cool down the room

Don’t block vents and fans.

When your device is working hard, it needs all the help it can get to stay cool. If you block the airflow, you’ll increase the heat inside your gadget and worsen things. It’s especially important not to cover or obstruct any vents or fans. 

Vents are small holes in the case that allow hot air to escape from inside your phone or computer so that they don’t overheat. If they’re blocked by dust or other debris, they won’t be able to do their job properly!

Avoid letting batteries get too hot.

Batteries should be kept in a cool place and out of direct sunlight. If you leave your phone lying somewhere that gets hot, it will overheat and kill your battery life. You should also avoid leaving batteries in a hot car for long periods because heat is the enemy of a lasting charge.

Don’t charge your devices overnight. It is also one of the major causes of battery failure.

Crank up the AC

If your gadget is hot to the touch, consider using an external fan to cool it down. If you don’t have a desk fan, plenty of mini-tabletop fans can help keep things cool. Also, turn on the AC. It will maintain your device temperature in a minimum time.

If your phone or tablet is hotter than usual and you aren’t able to use a fan, try placing it on a cooling mat. These mats are designed with thermal conductivity material that draws away heat from your device as it sits on top of them. You can find them through online stores.

If all else fails and your gadget continues getting hot no matter what surface or accessory you put it on. Try keeping its backside thin and fit by removing unnecessary cases or coverings. 

Keep your gadget on a hard surface.

First, make sure your gadget is on a hard surface. The more air that can circulate, the better. Wood is an excellent choice because it’s porous and easy to clean; plastic isn’t as good because it can trap heat.

Avoid too many programs at a time.

Turn off unnecessary programs and apps. If you’re not using an app, turn it off. If you’re not using an app, turn it off. You can reduce the amount of data your phone or computer uses. Delete unnecessary files from your devices.


These tips will help keep your device from overheating. The most important thing is to know what’s causing the problem first, so you can take steps to prevent it from happening again. If your device does overheat, don’t panic—follow these tips and do some troubleshooting before turning off or replacing anything!

Even after trying all the above hacks, it’s time for a replacement if your device still gets hotter. Consult your local phone repair shop’s technician for assistance. For genuine parts, check out The cell phone repair service in Airdrie, AB.


What causes the device to overheat?

The device’s battery and processor produce heat. A virus or malware can also cause it. You may notice this when your computer or smartphone becomes very hot to the touch or even shuts down completely because it overheats.

How to quickly cool down your device?

When you have an overheating gadget, it’s important to cool it down as quickly as possible. Here are some tips for doing so.

  • Use a cooling mat.
  • Keep your devices thin and fit. 
  • Close all unnecessary apps and tabs.
  • Keep your gadget on a hard surface.
  • Maintain the room temperature.

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