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How much will the Damon clear braces cost? Learn everything about it

Thinking of Damon clear braces and how much will they cost? Don’t worry, we have got your back!

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How much will the Damon clear braces cost? Learn everything about it

Thinking of Damon clear braces and how much will they cost? Don’t worry, we have got your back!

Damon Braces Treatment in Chennai Cost

Damon self-ligating braces are more compact, smoother, and more comfortable than conventional braces.

The Damon metal braces gently and gradually straighten your teeth without the use of elastics, many adjustments, or elastic ties because they are composed of superior surgical stainless steel.

But don’t worry; if you want to beautify your braces, you can still add colours. Furthermore, Damon braces reduce the need for painful operations including teeth extractions, palate expanders, big appliances, and headgear.

Damon braces use state-of-the-art technology to straighten your teeth more rapidly and with fewer adjustments than other types of braces, in addition to being more hygienic and visually pleasing. Comparing Damon braces to traditional metal braces, you should expect a 35% quicker recovery time.

Choose the best for Damon clear braces- Alborzi Orthodontics 

Alborzi Orthodontics was founded in 1996 by respected orthodontist Dr Alborzi in order to create happy, healthy smiles for kids, teens, and adults. Choosing the right orthodontist in San Mateo or Half Moon Bay can be challenging, but Dr Alborzi can transform your smile-and your confidence. She is the best dentist san mateo. 

Among patients of Alborzi orthodontics, the most recent cutting-edge orthodontic procedure is the Damon System. Damon braces allow your teeth to move more readily and pleasantly than traditional braces. Getting a beautiful smile is easier and quicker than ever with these state-of-the-art modern braces. This makes her the best orthodontics of san mateo. 

Damon braces improve the effectiveness, comfort, and conventionality of your treatment at Alborzi Orthodontics by avoiding painful procedures like teeth extractions, palate expanders, large appliances, and headgear.

What makes Alborzi even more convenient? Flexible payment plans!!

Since everyone enjoys it, they not only offer flexible treatment options and appointment scheduling, but also a range of payment methods. You can get a discount if you pay in full up front and all major credit and debit cards are accepted.

They will sit down and create a payment plan that works with your family’s budget after determining your insurance coverage and filing it for you.

What to anticipate during a consultation with Alborzi Orthodontics?

Prior to applying the brackets, Dr Alborzi and the team at Alborzi Orthodontics will take X-rays and photos of your mouth. They may occasionally use the iTero Element scanner to scan your mouth’s structure, teeth, and gums. This process, which takes 10 to 15 minutes, provides an extremely accurate 3D representation of your mouth.

After the X-ray and optional scan, Dr Alborzi will utilize this information to create a treatment plan just for you. Each tooth will need to be adjusted in order to be in the correct alignment as a result. Dr Alborzi will select the location of the brackets based on this information.

Benefits of Damon Clear Braces

Skip the Extractions or Palatal Expander

Your orthodontist may have to go above and beyond to assist reduce crowding if your lower or upper arch is crowded before placing standard braces on you. When teeth are extremely crowded, an orthodontist will often recommend treatment using a palatal expander before placing standard braces on the teeth.

Many people who choose Damon Braces are able to forego both dental crowding treatment alternatives. By moving the bicuspids and molars outward and the upper and lower incisors forward, these braces can enlarge dental arches to provide all the teeth in a crowded arch the space they need to stand upright. 

Clean Your Teeth More Easily

To lower the risk of tooth decay, everyone who wears braces of any kind has to learn how to properly clean around the brackets and wires. White spots on braces, often referred to as decalcification, can develop when a person wearing braces does not thoroughly clean off plaque and food particles that attach to brackets and wires. Spots of decalcification may be challenging to remove and may result in future cavities.

Due to the difficulties in eliminating food particles and plaque that become lodged under braces components, people who wear braces are also more likely to develop cavities.

People who wear Damon system braces frequently find it easier to maintain healthy teeth while wearing this type of braces since these braces lack elastics that food particles and plaque can adhere to.

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