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How OTP SMS Verification Works And Its Importance?

by Alex James
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How OTP SMS Verification Works And Its Importance?

As part of the SMS OTP verification procedure, businesses SMS text a one-time password (OTP) to the user’s phone. The user inputs the OTP that the firm provides them on the authentication device. 

The OTP can be used within a certain timeframe. OTPs delivered by text message defend against phishing and other harmful attempts. OTP SMS should be used in conjunction with other security measures, such as passwords.

A crucial stage for practically every OTP SMS service in Kolkata is verification. This blog explains how it operates and how it helps brands. So explore it thoroughly to learn more.

Let’s first define the OTP SMS service before getting into it. SMS verification allows banks, websites, and social media platforms to confirm a customer’s identification twice. After you have finished inputting your login and password, they send a verification number to your phone number.

What is SMS OTP?

A text message with a special alphanumeric or numeric code is delivered to a mobile phone as part of the secure two-factor authentication process known as SMS OTP (one-time password) (MSISDM).

The receiver then logs into a service, website, or app using this code or password as an additional layer of protection.

When login into banks or any other financial services account, SMS OTP is becoming typical. In the UK and EU, new legislation that requires all banks to use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) when signing in or completing a transaction went into force in March 2022.

Non-financial organizations are increasingly embracing SMS OTP as well to improve their security.

Worldwide, 93% of businesses utilize SMS OTP for some type of verification. 100 per cent of UK businesses that were questioned utilize SMS OTP.

Why is SMS used to authenticate using a one-time password?

Although SMS has several security flaws and is far from ideal as a method of providing OTPs to clients, it is still the most often used option for most businesses.

Why is that so? The only form of communication that everyone with a phone can utilize is SMS, of course.

There isn’t a specific programme to download, and there are no compatibility concerns to be concerned about. It is clear, dependable, and universally understood.

Additionally, SMS OTP deployment is really simple. You may start using the service in a few hours if you integrate it with an SMS API.

How is SMS OTP configured?

Numerous businesses provide SMS OTP services.

The major decision you need to make is whether you want a comprehensive off-the-shelf solution or whether you want to construct your system from scratch, including creating unique codes.

Off-the-shelf solutions will frequently cost more and offer less flexibility, but they will be quick and simple to implement.

You will undoubtedly have more control if you build your SMS OTP system, but remember to budget for the expenses of creation and upkeep.

Motives Behind SMS OTP Verification Sending

OTPs and temporary codes are two of the most popular ways to verify user identity. The explanations for sending an SMS OTP verification are listed below.

1. It lowers friction.

To eliminate the need to remember passwords, password-free logins can also be offered via SMS OTP verification. An access code is automatically transmitted by the system to users.

2. Data verification for users

You may also tweak them for lead-qualifying flows to access the accuracy and usefulness of the contact information in your database.

3. Preventing fraud

Discounts cannot ever be used by the same person with numerous email addresses and SMS OTPs. These temporary codes may also be used in discount promotions to link emails to phone numbers.

4. Heightened security

The user is required to provide credentials such as their email address and passwords as part of multi-factor authentication processes. This occurs just before issuing them a temporary code to finish the second identification verification. Sending an OTP SMS verification is crucial for the following reasons. Text Blast Service is absolutely a top service that will help businesses a lot.

How Does SMS OTP Verification Work?

  • Give a company your phone number when you join up.
  • You get an SMS code after inputting your login details.
  • To log into the app or website, enter the code.

Benefits of SMS OTP Verification:

1. Simple to Use

Users will become frustrated with difficult authentications. In this situation, SMS authentication offers a rapid and secure alternative.

2. Affordable

The low cost of delivering SMS to clients is quite advantageous for a company with a large customer base.

3. An Additional Layer of Defense

These days, user accounts are protected by two-factor authentication. Simple SMS authentication provides an additional degree of security. It is better to not conduct any additional security checks.


An OTP SMS Serves as an extra security precaution. A mobile phone number is sent a numerical code as part of a secure authorisation mechanism. Online sign-in confirms the user’s identification. By prohibiting a username/password combination from using it again, one-time passwords guard against identity theft. By employing SMS OTP verification, it is possible to prevent identity theft and email address hacking. Get an OTP verification solution for your company by contacting OTP SMS Service Provider.

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