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How to choose a hoverboard for a children – 4 stages and 7 pluses of buying

How to choose kids' hoverboard

by Alex James
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Kids Hoverboards

For many years now, children all over UK have been dreaming of getting a kids hoverboard. This transport toy has become a serious competition for rollers, bikes and scooters. So that the child does not ask his comrades all the time to give him a ride, it is better to buy him a personal electric vehicle. How to choose the right safe model of Hoverboards for Children, the article will help you figure it out.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best age for kids to use hoverboards will vary depending on a number of factors, including the child’s maturity level, physical coordination, and ability to follow safety rules. However, in general, most experts agree that kids aged 8 years and up are typically ready to start using hoverboards.


Advantages of a children’s hoverboard

Devices have not in vain become popular with children of all ages. Models like IO Chic Fairy have the following advantages:

  1. Learning to manage transport takes little time. Even for some adults it is more difficult to master electric transport than for kids. Tilts forward and backward are responsible for acceleration and braking. Turns occur due to the transfer of its own weight in one direction or another.
  2. The weight of models for preschoolers and primary school students is about five kilos, so it will be possible to cope with it without the participation of an adult. For older kids, which weighs 12.5 kg, are suitable.
  3. The speed of children’s devices rarely exceeds 7-8 km / h, so they do not pose a danger. Indeed, at a similar pace, an adult walks at a fast pace.
  4. hoverboard help develop coordination of movements and have a beneficial effect on the vestibular apparatus. Therefore, they are useful for the physical form of the child
  5. Transport will be useful on a long walk with a child – you can drive on models up to 10 km. So you can alternate between walking and driving.
  6. The design of devices from different brands is attractive and modern, so the child will feel confident among their peers.
  7. When using proper protective equipment, the kids hoverboard is safe for the health of the baby.

Weight and shape

The choice of a device for a child should take into account weight indicators:

Mass of the gyroscope itself. When it is assumed that the small owner will carry the transport on his own, the weight should be the minimum available. If the constant assistance of adults is supposed, the requirements for the severity of the model are not so critical;

the weight that the machine can support. Designs designed for a weight of up to 60 or up to 80 kg are oriented towards children.

Company manufacturer

One of the most popular brands in UK is Ninebot. The corporation produces electric transport, which is in demand in most countries of Europe and the world. The acquisition of official segways for Kids made the manufacturer even more reputable in the market.

When choosing a children’s model, the company should be taken carefully, because the health and safety of the baby depends on the quality of parts and assembly. Therefore, it is better to prefer proven brands that have official representative offices in UK and give a guarantee for the goods.

Safety regulations

  • Driving at high speed without gear is dangerous. There is also protection for the kids hoverboard, often it comes in the kit.
  • It is better to ride a hoverboards for kids where there are few people and smooth roads. Alternatively, a bike path. In any situation, it is necessary to exclude movement on the roadway.

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