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For small businesses, spending money on their product is very hard because of the budget. But at the same time product presentation is very important and necessary in-order to sell product and increase sales. Cosmetic products cannot be sold without proper professional packaging. People hesitate to buy sub-standard products because these can affect Cosmetics store their body. Below are the tips to design and print your cosmetic packaging in small budget.

  • Designing Cosmetic Packaging
  • Finding Reliable Printer
  • Printing Cosmetic Boxes
  • POP for Cosmetics

Designing the Packaging

You can easily design your own cosmetic boxes using Adobe Photoshop. To start the designing for your packaging, you first need to measure the size of your cosmetic container that will fit inside the box. You will need to measure Length, width and depth of container. After the measurements, you need to calculate the open size of the sheet that will be used to create your custom boxes. To calculate the open size of the sheet you can use below formula.

  • Sheet Width= (2 x width) + (2 x Depth) + 0.5 + 0.25
  • Sheet Height= (2 x Depth) + Length + 1 + 0.25

Once you get the sheet size, then you will need to open a blank document in Adobe Photoshop. Make the width of the document equal to the Sheet width you calculated using the above formula. Similarly make the height of document equal to the sheet height you calculated using the above formula. Once the correct size document is in front of you, then you will need to place cosmetic box template on top of it and start designing your box. You can easily get the cosmetic box template from some online printer. While designing your box, you need to make sure that all the images you are using should be of high resolution. Best printing resolution is 300 dpi.

Finding Reliable Printer

Finding a reliable printer is also one of the most important tasks. Once you have a reliable printing source you can easily route your jobs to them for all your printing needs. You have to be very careful in finding printing source for your boxes. These days many companies from China and other countries are offering online printing services. You need to make sure, the company you are dealing with is a legitimate business and have physical address in US. You should be able to reach your account manager easily at any time.

Printing Your Boxes

Send your high resolution artwork to the printer you selected. Before sending files, make sure your files are correct and there are no spelling errors. Print the final artwork file from your laser printer and check if everything gets printed correctly with proper bleed margin. You can send files to printer using email, upload at printer ftp site or use any Kosmetik kaufen nehmen online file storing website.

POP for Cosmetic Boxes

Please your boxes at cosmetic stores to target your potential clients.

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