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How To Draw Cherry Blossoms Step By

How To Draw Cherry Blossoms

by Alex James
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How To Draw Cherry Blossoms

How To Draw Cherry Blossoms The cherry blossom is one of nature’s most beautiful and elegant flowers. These lovely pink flowers cover the trees to make a view to behold. They are closely associated with Japan and considered iconic national symbols. Their beauty has also made them common in many works of art, and many want to learn how to draw cherry blossoms.

If you consider yourself one of those people, you’ll want to read this guide! Our step-by-step guide on how to draw cherry flowers in just 8 steps will have you making these beautiful flowers in no moment! You can draw many more characters like easy goku drawing, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

To start this guide on how to draw cherry blossoms, we’ll start with the outline of the flower. The flower has five petals, and each is quite simple. Each also has a slight dip in the centre of the outer line so that you can draw that as well. The reference image will greatly help when you draw that first flower!

Step 2:

For this part of your cherry blossom drawing, we will add some details to the flower. To do this, you can add wavy lines along the inner perimeter of the flower. That’s all there is to this step, and you’re ready to move on!

Step 3:

You’ve done a great job drawing the first flower by following the first two steps of this guide on how to draw cherry blossoms! Now that you understand, you can repeat everything you learned and did in the previous steps of our guide on drawing cherry blossoms. Draw another flower that looks like the one you just drew, except this time; it will be a little behind the first flower.

Step 4:

This fourth step of your cherry blossom drawing will see you add one more flower to the arrangement. Again, you can repeat the steps from the first two parts of this guide and add a third flower below the other two. We’ll only draw these three in this guide, but you can also draw more if you want! Cherry blossoms are covered with many flowers so that you can draw many more flowers for this drawing.

Step 5:

In this part of our guide to drawing cherry blossoms, we will add some detail to the centre of the blossoms. To do this, draw a roughly circular shape in the centre of each flower you drew in the previous steps. Once these circles are added, you are ready for the final details in the remaining steps!

Step 6:

The details you add in this part of your cherry blossom drawing will be simple but effective! All you have to do for this step is add a few lines on the petals going towards the centre of each flower. These lines will provide some textural detail to these petals, making these flowers even more beautiful!

Step 7:

We will be adding some beautiful colours to your drawing very soon, but first, we have a few more things to add to this guide on drawing cherry blossoms. You can finish this part by adding some leaves around the flowers. These leaves will be quite close to the flowers, and some will be on thin stems, as you can see in the reference image. Before continuing, be sure to count any more facts you want! There could be bees buzzing around the flowers, or you could fill the page with cherry blossoms!

Step 8:

In this last step of your cherry blossom drawing, you can express yourself with amazing colours to finish it off! Cherry blossoms are known for their beautiful pink colour, which is the colour we chose for our sample image. You can also use any other colour you like for a more stylistic approach, but even if you keep it more realistic, there are ways to switch things up. One of the best ways to do this is to use your art media.

For an image like this, I would use watercolour paints to colour. Cherry blossoms have a nice sublet colour palette, so a soft medium like watercolours would look great. It’s just one of the many mediums you can use, and anything you choose will look beautiful! What colours and art media will you choose to complete your amazing cherry blossom drawing?

Finished Drawing!

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