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How to Use Business Text Messaging to Boost Your Sales in 2023

by Alex James
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How to Use Business Text Messaging to Boost Your Sales in 2023

Most people no longer answer the phone anymore. To avoid sales calls and calls from people they don’t want to speak to, people will let calls from numbers they don’t recognise go to voicemail. Many people hardly ever even listen to their voicemails. They are unaware of any potential advantages to making such a call.

In what ways do people prefer to communicate today? undoubtedly via a text/ SMS gateway. People can communicate whenever they have the time by using text messaging.

They can also answer in situations where a phone call wouldn’t be appropriate. Here are five ways to increase sales through business texting:

1. By briefly texting cold leads, you can re engage them.

Some people need to be reminded that they once expressed interest in your company. With a text, you can complete this task quickly and with ease. Even better, two-way business texting could help you provide the information the customer needs to keep doing business with you.

Even better, prospective customers won’t experience undue pressure to reply right away. They can get back to you later on if it is more convenient for them if they are preoccupied with family or work. Customers who can call whenever they want not only show a direct interest but also have time for a conversation. 

To your cold leads, try texting a straightforward query like, “Are you still interested in [your product or service]?” and then observe the responses coming in.

2. Send one last reminder before the end of promotions.

People detest passing up a fantastic opportunity. Customers can avoid missing out on discounts by receiving text messages from you informing them of the expiration dates of specific specials. This information encourages them to take advantage of the offer.

3. You could reduce the number of people who miss appointments, meetings, or web conferencing by using SMS reminders.

Everyone has a busy life, so it’s simple to forget things, but when a client cancels an appointment with your business, you lose money. If you text your customers a reminder the day before or on the day of the event, they might remember their appointment.

Since you won’t have to use your precious time at work making calls, sending a text is more efficient than calling them. Your staff can now concentrate on other crucial tasks as a result.

4. Use SMS to find leads before contacting them

Salespeople often waste time on the phone talking to people who don’t need or qualify for the product or service. Send the prospective client an SMS with information so they can decide if they would benefit from your services. If you use two-way business texting, you can give your customers the choice of selecting particular options to receive additional information.

It can be very effective to send messages and reminders to your customers, but make sure the information in your SMS gateway is something they will value or find useful. If you send customers SMS messages they don’t want to receive, they are more likely to choose not to receive SMS from your business. You don’t for the same reason.

The Benefits of Business Texts

  • Text messaging for businesses is a great way to grow your customer base. Despite its advantages, businesses typically use SMS gateway marketing insufficiently. Business text messages provide one of the best investment returns due to higher levels of engagement.
  • According to Smart Insights, text messages had 97% open rates within 15 minutes of being sent. This percentage is significantly higher than the 20% average open rate for email marketing communications. Your text messages to customers arrive right away. 
  • A little more than half of all SMS gateway campaigns generate revenue with a higher ROI when combined with other marketing efforts.
  • Customers will be more satisfied with your business text messages because you are showing a commitment to their needs by choosing SMS communication. As was already mentioned, SMS marketing can be used to send reminders and make significant announcements about news or events in addition to promotional offer blasts.
  • Promotional activities can easily and practically incorporate text messaging for no cost. Social media marketing and text messaging are frequently combined in businesses.
  • Client texts are frequently short and to the point, much like social media posts.
  • If you choose to use text messaging as a marketing tactic, you can easily create contact databases. You can choose who receives communications from your company by using a straightforward opt-in and opt-out feature.
  • When a customer chooses an SMS gateway, you can send them customised offers after saving their client information in your database.
  • You can monitor the effectiveness of your customer dialogues with the assistance of the analytics provided by these platforms. For instance, some software displays the quantity of text message exchanges and the campaign’s click-through rate.

Text message marketing is, in general, a quick and effective way to interact with customers and share promotional materials for your business.

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