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How to Write Perfect English Sentences for the IELTS Exam?

by Alex James
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Read this post to make your goal of speaking English fluently a reality. Do you find the English language’s sentence structure to be rather confusing? Would you trust us if we said that creating sentences in English is actually quite simple? Yes, we do feel that mastering sentence construction necessitates the application of the imperative rules we’ve discussed in this article. Your ability to compose English sentences and succeed on the IELTS exam will improve as a result of reading this article. You will be able to speak English more fluently after reading this article.

To build sentences in English naturally, you need to keep in mind a few other crucial aspects in addition to sentence structures. For at least three months, you must practice frequently. But trust us, if you keep moving in the right way, Speaking English fluently will be a piece of cake for you. This will undoubtedly improve your IELTS exam performance as well.

Before we continue, allow us to be completely honest with you: you must study the grammar rules, exercise your intellect, and practice diligently for at least three months. One needs to have a thorough comprehension of English sentence structure in order to ace the IELTS exam. Consider joining the best English speaking course to get professional advice on this.

Let’s review the fundamentals of English sentence construction so you can master the IELTS exam:

The Syntax (Basic word order)

To explain ideas clearly, you must adhere to basic word order or syntax. This will provide you with a strong foundation for learning the language and preparing for the IELTS exam. The fundamental wording is:


“She will arrive in Norway on Monday,” for instance.

Other advice you should know:

  • The words “She still remembers him” and “She remembers still him” should never be used separately.
  • When constructing English sentences, never forget to put “where” before “when.”

For a thorough knowledge of the idea, Google the basic word order or syntax in English and look at the photos.

Definitives and Gerunds

One cannot learn to construct English sentences without having a solid understanding of gerunds and infinitives. Therefore, to have a thorough comprehension of gerunds and infinitives, find the best book and source. There is a lot to understand about this idea, and you can get a lot of assistance on it through online courses. To master the IELTS exam, gerund, and infinitive understanding are extremely crucial. The examiner won’t start off your tests by asking you to define the terms. In reality, he will use the responses you have provided to assess your understanding of the topics.


Learning English vocabulary is crucial since it allows one to communicate ideas clearly and precisely. Learn five new words every day to advance your English language abilities. As far as you are aware, learning vocabulary requires time and a decent dictionary that clearly illustrates each definition of each term. So you can effectively prepare for your IELTS exam.

We suggest you access the best vocabulary on paper, such as the Oxford dictionary, which will set you back Rs. 200, in order to level up your vocabulary. Once you have your dictionary, spend the next three months learning three to five new words every day. Remember to thoroughly understand the definitions by using the examples that are given online. You can also join the best English speaking course in Jalandhar to get coaching from experts.


Along with the aforementioned advice, one should concentrate on expanding their vocabulary. Vocabulary plays a big part in how English sentences are put together. Finally, we wish you great success in passing the IELTS exam. We sincerely hope that you put a lot of effort into enhancing your sentence construction, as this is crucial to learning the English language.

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