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HRMS Indian Railways App Log in

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HRMS Indian Railways

HRMS is an application that helps in the communication between Administration and Railway employees. In this article, we will share the log-in method and other details of this app so stay connected with us till the end.

The employees of HRMS Indian Railways can easily check information about their promotions, postings, leave, awards, transfers, training, and family composition as per records, as well as nominations for retirement benefits.

What actually is HRMS?

HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System, it is basically an application that offers multiple benefits to the employees of HRMS Indian Railways. They can easily discuss matters with the administration without going anywhere. Before getting started with the HRMS railways login method, have a look at the services this application provides to the Railway employees.

  •         They can submit a Leave application manually.
  •         Transfer services.
  •         Information about Promotions.
  •         Awards.
  •         Posting details.
  •         Increment details.
  •         Nominations for retirement benefits.

The HRMS Indian Railways has scanned copies of the employee’s Physical Service Record which is a significant step forward in the computerization of HR-related functions in Indian Railways. Furthermore, HRMS assists the railway board and government in maintaining accurate staff records. So, keep reading if you are trying to log in to the HRMS Indian Railways app.

Method of HRMS railways login:

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about HRMS and the services and benefits it offers, it’s time to log in and take advantage of their services if you work for Indian Railways. So, if this is your first time logging into HRMS, follow our step-by-step instructions below:

  •         First, make sure to have a stable internet connection on your PC or laptop, or Mobile.
  •         Open the official website of HRMS by clicking on the link: or you can download its app.
  •         If this is your first time, then click on “‘Need Help for Login?” written on the left side below.
  •         Now you need to enter your IPAS ID and click on “Go” (the IPAS ID is your PF number or employee number, which may be seen on your pay stub, it can also be requested through the Account section).
  •         After that, you will get to see the details such as your Designation, Employee Name, HRMS ID, Department, Railway Unit, Registered Mobile Number, and Email ID. You need to copy the HRMS ID/Login ID for future login as a Username, don’t forget it, and save it somewhere.
  •         If you cannot find the above details, you have to contact your Branch Dealing Clerk.
  •         Now you can easily log in to HRMS by HRMS ID as a user ID and default password which is “Test@123“. After writing these details in the boxes, click on Login.
  •         Once you click on login, you will receive an OTP on your registered phone number.
  •         You will be logged in after verification; ensure that the provided cellphone number is active.
  •         After the first login, you will be directed to change your password. Change it and keep it handy for future use.

What if you don’t receive an OTP or Forget your password?

Sometimes, when a person is logging in for the first time, they fail to generate the OTP due to various reasons so don’t worry if you haven’t received the OTP yet. First, you need to ensure that you have given the correct mobile number and then click on “resend OTP”.

If still, your query remains, then you need to contact the HRMS Indian Railways and the contact information and desk numbers are given below. Once you receive an OTP, you can easily log in to HRMS by using your ID and password after verification.

If you can’t log in to HRMS even after doing everything the same as above then it might be possible that you have forgotten your password. Don’t worry, you can easily reset your password by clicking on “Forgot Password” written on the right side below the box. After following the instructions, your password will be reset.

Contact Information of HRMS Indian Railways:

If still your doubts are unclear or you have any queries regarding this application and portal then you can contact HRMS administration and the details are given below:

  •         For HRMS application problem: 7786940452, 9971535534, 7982542883.
  •         For ePass-related questions: 9891643886, 9069161539, 9971168228.
  •         For OTP: 7267910583, 9953780947.
  •         Email at: [email protected].

Wrapping Up:

We hope that after reading our HRMS railways login details, you will be able to easily log in to this software and take advantage of the services offered by this firm. This app is a fantastic endeavor for HRMS Indian Railways personnel and is really useful.

You can share this information with your colleagues so that they can benefit from the services offered by this company as well and comment below to share your thoughts about the HRMS app!

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