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Best Movies Categories Available on Hulu

by Alex James
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For those who are already subscribed to Hulu (or who are planning to), we’ve compiled a list of our favourite shows, from classics to new favourites, in order to help you. We’ll also be updating the list as the library changes and new original shows debuts that make their case for being some of TV’s finest.

Finding the best TV and movies these days can be a nearly impossible task on a multitude of platforms: from traditional broadcast and cable to premium networks to streaming options. These days, it can be tough to keep track of everything running on all these platforms.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite shows available on Hulu (or might be thinking about signing up for it). We’ll keep updating the list as the library changes or new original shows release that make their case for being some of television’s finest.

Disney Movies

We all love Disney movies. In fact, many Indians like to name their kids after Disney characters. And why not? Disney movies are full of entertainment and are loved by everyone. Hulu is home to several popular Disney movies that are only available in the US. You can enjoy movies like “Frozen”, “Maleficent”, “Finding Nemo” and many more.

Anime Movies

Anime is a huge hit in both countries. If you are looking for some good Indian anime movies, then you must check out “Akame Ga Kill”, “Akame Ga Kill Z” and “Gilmore Girls”. Hulu also has tons of popular anime movies available. You can enjoy “Fullmetal Alchemist”, “Crayon Shin-chan”, “Dragon Ball Super” and many more.

Kids’ Movies and Series

Kids are the future of society. And what better way to connect with them than by watching good movies and series? The app also has a ton of popular kids’ movies that are only available on the app. You can enjoy a wide range of movies and series from this genre. We recommend you to watch “Popples”, “Good Luck Charlie”, “American Dragon: Jake Long” and many more.

Other Categories Available on Hulu in the US

Hulu also has a ton of popular children’s shows and movies on their website. If you want to enjoy some good Indian kids’ movies, you should check them out. Hulu is a great website to watch movies and shows, even if you are not a US resident. You can subscribe to Hulu from anywhere in the world and enjoy unlimited content. You can watch all your favorite movies and shows whenever you want.

Bottom line

Hulu is one of the best websites to watch Indian movies. You can watch all kinds of Indian drama, action and horror movies. You can also enjoy some good Indian romance and sci-fi/fantasy movies. Plus, you can also watch some Disney movies and series. The only problem is that you can’t watch Indian movies on Hulu in the US. The good news is that you can get around this problem by getting a VPN. A VPN will allow you to change your location and watch Indian movies on Hulu.


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