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Best Option to Watch Tamil Movies Online

by Alex James
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If you are a fan of Tamil movies and want to watch them online at your own convenience, you’ve probably come across sites that host entire collections of Tamil movies for you to stream. These streaming services can be convenient and user-friendly. However, there’s a downside as well. These services generally don’t have the latest Tamil movies with them and they tend to host everything in one place instead of separating the good from the bad so that users can sort out what is worth their time and what isn’t. If you are looking for an alternative, then we have some good news for you! Tamil Movies on Demand is an excellent solution that gives users access to the best of Tamil cinema without all the unnecessary clutter!

Free Tamil Movies

Most streaming sites listed above feature free, ad-supported Tamil movies that you can view for free. In most cases, these free offerings consist of classics, standard-issue masala movies, and a few independent titles. But if you want to watch newer Tamil movies that are available online for free, you can subscribe to one of the many streaming websites that offer a subscription service. One of the more popular subscription services is Drama Fever, which is owned and operated by the popular Tamil TV channel, Vijay TV. Apart from giving you monthly access to over 500 Tamil movies, Drama Fever also features exclusive episodes of many popular TV serials.

Furthermore, there is also a Drama Showcase section that features some of the most popular Tamil TV serials that you can watch online. Additionally, if you want to watch free Tamil movies on your mobile, you can download one of the many mobile apps that are available. These apps let you watch a host of South Indian movies for free (usually in SD or HD quality), and you can also watch some of the movies in Tamil. There are also many websites that let you watch movies on your PC/laptop or mobile device.

Paid Tamil Movies

If you want to watch Tamil movies that are recent releases, or you want to watch Tamil movies that are older but still popular, you will need to subscribe to a streaming site that features Tamil movies on a regular basis. Popular Tamil movies that are available on a subscription-based streaming site include “2.0”, “Vettaikaaran”, “Thuppakki”, and “Anbe Sivam”. If you want to watch Tamil movies that are released more than a year ago, you will probably have to purchase a subscription that gives you access to these older Tamil movies. Some of the most popular Tamil movie subscriptions include Maiveya Movies, Madras Cinema, Mr Nilaam, and Aathikkoru Vaa.


The South Indian state of Tamil Nadu is home to India’s fourth-largest film industry, and the world over, the sub-continent has found itself smitten with this particular brand of cinema. While Bollywood reigns supreme in terms of box office collections and public recognition, the Tamil film industry is known for its consistent output of quality entertainment. And so far as streaming services are concerned, there are plenty of options available when it comes to watching Tamil movies online. With a number of websites offering free, ad-supported viewing as well as subscription fee options for extended access to these films (and even original versions), it doesn’t take long to discover a new favourite.


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