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Is a Xiaomi Smartwatch Good Enough to Use in a Gym 2023

by Alex James
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Xiaomi smartwatch

Xiaomi is a company that is well-regarded as one of the best smartwatch manufacturers. The Mi smart bands are well known because they are practically designed for extreme scenarios. These scenarios can be anywhere from lifting weights in the gym to taking a brisk swim in the pool. They can almost withstand all sorts of physical extremes. However, these are the Xiaomi bands, not the smartwatches. That’s why the biggest question that many people have right now is a Xiaomi smartwatch good enough to wear in the gym.

This is a completely valid question because, in the gym, there are several things that can go wrong. The watch can get damaged in some way, or there might be a feature that you need that isn’t in the watch. That’s why I’m going to answer all of these concerns and give you my take on if you should wear the Mi smartwatch in a gym.

Therefore, here are the topics that we’ll cover in this article.

  • 3 things to know about a Xiaomi smartwatch before you hit the gym
  • Should use one in the gym

To start, let’s examine the factors that can either make or break an amazing gym experience.

3 Things to Know About a Xiaomi Smartwatch Before You Hit the Gym

Xiaomi smartwatch

First things first, almost all smartwatches are good enough that you can use them in any situation possible. This also goes for a Xiaomi smartwatch which has been designed to withstand normal wear and tear while also providing some of the most important features that one might need.

However, when it comes to the gym, there are a few hiccups that one might think of at first, but when it becomes evident, those things can’t be ignored. I’ve worn several watches that belong to different companies and have different features. From all of that experience, I’ve noticed a few things that you need to have in a watch. Luckily, Xiaomi covers all of these aspects when it comes to their watches.

1. Durability

A gym is a place where anything can happen, especially damage to personal property. A few months back, I bought a used iPhone 12 Pro, but I still can’t muster the courage to put the phone at risk by taking it to the gym😅.

So it’s a perfectly valid argument that the Xiaomi smartwatch will also get damaged if you’re not careful. You don’t need to worry about anything as long as you’re a bit cautious. I’m currently using the Xiaomi Watch S1 Active, which I even take to the gym.

Even though I’ve been careful a lot of the time, there were times when I dinged the watch with some sort of equipment. Luckily, the front of the watch uses the AMOLED HD display, which is made using some strong glass. Other than minor scratches, there isn’t any noticeable issue.

2. Health Monitoring

Since you’re going to the gym to get in better physical condition or trying to maintain your current one, proper maintenance of health is very important. A lot of the best smartwatches in Pakistan are able to provide that front. However, out of all, the Xiaomi smartwatch is very much prominent.

I’ve used other smartwatches like the Apple smartwatch or Samsung smartwatch in the past, but when it comes to price to the performance aspect, no one can beat Xiaomi. It has tons of amazing health-related features that can help you keep track of your physical condition.

If you have some sort of medical condition, then this watch is going to help you get through the entire session without you having to overdo it.

3. Water Resistance

For many, this isn’t a very concerning issue for the gym, but if you’re like me and sweat like the fire hose😂 then you’ll definitely need a watch with some sort of water resistance. Without protection against liquids, your watch can easily get damaged and won’t work for much longer.

Luckily the S1 Active comes with 5ATM water resistance which is secure enough that even if a splash of waterfalls on the watch, it won’t get damaged.

Should Use One in the Gym

By now, you might’ve guessed what I’m going to say in this section😅. I think that using a Xiaomi smartwatch isn’t an issue. Actually, let me restate that I recommend that you use watches made by Xiaomi in a gym.

So far, I’ve had no issue with using a smartwatch in the gym. Just try to be as much care as possible, and if you have a pool nearby, don’t test the watch’s water resistance by taking a swan dive; it won’t give good results😑.

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