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LTMS Portal Log in: Easy ways to make account

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LTMS Portal

Making an account on the LTMS portal is not that hard and with proper guidelines, you can easily create your account and log in anytime when you need to transfer funds. This article will be very useful for people looking for easy ways to create an account on ltms portal so stay connected with us to get proper details.

Ltms portal allows online transactions for various purposes including driver’s application for license renewal, requests for Certificate of No Apprehension, and requests for revision of records. This system is launched by LTO which can be used to apply for and renew your vehicle registration as well as your driver’s license. Keep reading to know more about ltms online portal.

What actually is the LTMS Portal?

LTMS stands for Land Transportation Management System which is a platform used for online transactions and other purposes. It was launched in June 2020 by LTO (Land Transportation Office). This platform is going to be useful for those who often violate traffic rules because they can pay their fines online but it doesn’t mean that you stop caring about traffic rules.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, this platform helped people a lot because it allowed them to keep their distance by providing ease of online money transferring. It is highly convenient because you can register and complete your transaction without leaving the comfort of your home. So, keep reading to know the registration process of ltms online portal.

What does LTMS Portal have to offer?

LTMS portal allows its users to apply for the renewal of all forms of licenses and the Payment for driver’s license processing costs can be made without using cash. People are finding this facility very helpful because everyone is busy nowadays and from shopping to billing, people like to do everything online so this is a fantastic platform providing useful services.

  1. You can easily replace your License if lost or damaged.
  2. It also allows the foreign driver’s license conversion to a professional or non-professional license.
  3. It allows speedier and more convenient transactions all across the world.
  4. This platform is safer, and it helps you avoid scammers.
  5. Because all your LTO credentials are stored in one location, you will never lose them.
  6. You can easily do records revision and submit position papers in congested traffic violation cases.
  7. Motor Vehicle registration became quite easy due to the LTMS Portal.
  8. You don’t have to go to the LTO office, simply login to your account to check the status of a certain transaction.

How to register and Log in to the LTMS portal?

The process of ltms portal registration is quite simple, all you have to do is to read the steps below and follow them carefully:

  •         First, open your browser and visit the official ltms online portal:
  •         Now click on Register and complete the captcha form.
  •         You have to select the type of registration, after that, they will ask you about your Philippine driver’s license if you have any.
  •         If you already have a license, you could be asked for some details such as Driver’s/license conductor’s number, expiration date, and official receipt number (you have to provide your mother’s maiden name if you don’t have your receipt).
  •         If you are new to this platform then you have to provide details like your name, sex, birthday, and Mother’s maiden name.
  •         After providing the required details, enter your Email address and a valid mobile number.
  •         You will get a verification link from LTO on your provided email address to make sure that you have provided a valid email address.
  •         Now, click on the link to complete your registration process and finish your profile by providing the remaining details.
  •         After that, you will then be given a 15-digit number that you can use to access the LTO online site.
  •         Do not forget the number and write it down somewhere safe because it will work as your username and you will be needing it every time you try to access ltms portal.
  •         Once you’ve completed the above steps, go to your dashboard and pick the transaction you want. LTMS services currently comprise transactions, documents, licenses, and profiles.

Wrapping Up:

We hope that now you are able to register yourself on the LTMS portal and take the benefits provided by this amazing platform. The registration process is quite simple and we made it easier for you by telling the process step by step in detail. You can comment below to let us know what you think about their services and share the information with your friends as well.

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