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Why do You need To Use a Shower Standing Handle?

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Shower Standing Handle

Have you ever thought of installing a Shower Standing Handle in your bathroom? Do you know its benefits and why its presence is necessary for the bathroom? Stay connected with us till the end of this article if you want to know all the details and benefits of Shower Standing Handle. It’s time to get one if you don’t have it in your bathroom but first, read this article!

Shower Standing Handle can be used to prevent a variety of bathroom-related mishaps. It should be kept in your bathroom, especially if you have elderly family members since it makes it much easier for them to move around the bathroom’s slick flooring and to get out of the tub. They offer excellent support and could benefit everyone, regardless of age.

What is Shower Standing Handle and how does it help?

It is basically a rod that is installed on the bathroom wall to provide support while moving or standing up. It comes in different sizes, you can get one depending on the size of your shower. These are also called “Grab Bars” and they provide numerous benefits including stability, which helps reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Furthermore, Shower Standing Handles are the best option for people with disabilities or older people who are aging and losing their physical stamina and balance. One study showed that falls in the bathroom were to blame for 81.1 percent of non-fatal bathroom injury cases recorded in 2008, with older persons suffering higher injuries so you should place one in your bathroom.

Not only this, there were many similar incidents we came across while researching such as when people come out of their bathtubs they slip and fall down because of lack of support, that is why these handles are gaining popularity and people are getting awareness. We are also trying to spread awareness through this article and hope you find it helpful.

How to choose the best Shower Standing Handle?

If you are planning to install one in your bathroom then read this heading to know some important details about them. There are two types of these handles available, fixed and removable. Fixed handles are safer but they require more effort when installing them and once they are installed, you won’t be able to move them so choose the spot wisely if you are getting a fixed one.

Removable handles, on the other hand, are simple to use and make it simple to modify the position in the future without drilling holes in your wall, but they are unsafe to use. It’s because if someone tries to use it while standing, it might not be able to hold their weight because they are positioned using suction.

Another important thing is that they are available in different sizes so how would you know the best option for your bathroom? You should choose at least 24 inches long handle and it is advantageous to situate the bar at an angle. It is because it can easily be used from both seated and standing positions by people of any height.

Selecting a shower standing handle with a size of less than 12 inches won’t be effective. Additionally, the weight that these bars can support should be between 250 and 500 pounds. Horizontal railings are preferable for assisting with balance while standing in the shower, while vertical railings should be used to help with security when entering and exiting the shower.

Guide to installing the Shower Standing Handle:

Removable handles can easily be installed through suction, all you need to do is to create simple seal-making with the suction cup before you are ready to utilize it. On the other hand, to place permanent or fixed handles, you will be required some tools such as a stud finder, power drill, level, and a tile cutter. You will get screws and mounting brackets with the Handle set.

Another thing which is required if you want to install a Shower Standing Handle is a skill, if you have no experience then you could use some help and hire someone. But if you are trying to do it by yourself, then read the instructions below:

  •         First, you need to find the wall’s studs and indicate with the marker where to drill.
  •         You should know how to use the drill machine, drill holes into the stud before mounting the handle.
  •         Now place a SecureMount there and firmly fasten the handle as instructed.
  •         You should wait at least 10 to 12 hours after using any bonding or sealing solution before taking a shower. It is because the solution requires time to dry completely.
  •         Try watching videos on the internet before getting started with the process as it will help you in understanding the method better.

How to install Shower Standing Handle on Tiles?

Does your bathroom have tiled walls? Don’t worry, you can still install the handle but with some precautions. You have to provide the strongest support and the bar should be fastened to the studs inside the wall. Make sure to drill through the tiles without cracking them and for this, you only need the right drill bit.

Removable handles that use suction can easily be placed on tiles and most tiles are ideal for installing them because suction works best on smooth and non-porous surfaces. Furthermore, the tiles of your bathroom should be larger than either 44 inches or 55 inches since they shouldn’t be attached across a grout line.

Wrapping Up:

Shower Standing Handle should be placed in everyone’s bathroom especially when you have elders in your home. We have shared everything that you need to know about these handles above and hope that now you can easily install the perfect one as per your requirements. Share this valuable information with your friends as well!

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