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The Most Beautiful Places in Tenerife You Must Visit

by Alex James
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Villas In Tenerife Costa Adeje

People are searching for Villas In Tenerife Costa Adeje to Rent when you list the island’s attractions because they want to take in the scenery and have a wonderful time. A Herzog & de Meuron-designed art museum, a frenetic street fair, sun-drenched vineyards, and Garachico’s beautiful natural pools combine to create what sounds like a dream island. This is not, however, a mash-up of London, Rio, Provence, and the Dolomites; this is Tenerife, which has subtly grown into one of Europe’s most exciting locations, offering extraordinary experiences like stargazing and whale watching in Teide National Park, as well as some of the best hotels, restaurants, and spas in the world.

Tenerife, famed for its beach bars, pink cocktails, and all-night discos and long considered the party island of the Canaries, is now prepared to display its more refined, cultural side as well as its natural beauties and lesser-known communities.

National Parks: breathtaking flora and landscapes

There are two wonderful national parks close to the city. El Teide, the most impressive of the Canaries’ several spectacular volcanoes, dominates the first, Parque Nacional del Teide, which is situated in the island’s middle. El Teide is Spain’s highest peak at 3,718 metres.

Unusual rock formations spring up out of nowhere, strange desert flora clings to the slopes, and the whole region has an uncomfortable, otherworldly look. The park’s 190 square kilometres comprise one enormous UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The journey to the volcano’s mouth is manageable. However, using the cable car offers the best views of the whole island, and you can even accompany a tour from Volcano Teide for a spectacular sunset and starlight experience (the lack of pollution reveals planets, galaxies, and clusters in their full glory).

Parque Rural de Anaga

Parque Rural de Anaga in the extreme north of the island, on the other hand, is a lush, rugged paradise where fantastic hiking paths weave through deep forest and steep slopes provide amazing views over ancient woods. The park, a recognised biosphere reserve, is bursting with life and is home to the fabled dragon trees that are native to the island as well as a variety of species, including owls and shearwaters.

Rocky trails, undeveloped beaches, and boat cruises along the coast

There is, of course, Tenerife’s stunning coastline. The island’s wilder areas are the major draw, despite the fact that the big hotels are situated on family-friendly stretches of white beach. The dark rocks that rise from the water near Los Gigantes on the west coast provide a majestic scene fit for Game of Thrones.

The best way to see the 600-meter-high cliffs is from a boat during a sunset tour. At the foot of the cliffs is a saltwater lido where you may take a relaxing bath while being pummelling by waves. For a different beach experience, Villas In Tenerife Costa Adeje check out the Playa del Bollullo’s wild black sands, which are close to Puerto de la Cruz.

The beach, which is only accessible through the path, is often quiet, allowing you to appreciate its raw beauty away from the crowds. For a breathtaking seaside walk where the road is cut into the rocks and the green cliffs drop to the water’s edge, go to Almaciga in the Anaga national park up north. A whale-watching experience is almost required since 21 of the 79 dolphin and whale species in the world spend the whole year swimming around Puerto Colón and Los Gigantes.

There is no better (or more environmentally friendly) way to accomplish this than aboard a catamaran, followed by sundowners.

For a really authentic Canarian experience,

Start your adventure at the charming little hamlet of Garachico on the north coast. It was formerly the commercial hub of the island but was ravaged by floods before being largely submerged by volcanic lava in 1706. It is now a lovely vacation spot with boutique shops, casual tapas restaurants, and gorgeous coves perfect for taking a dip in the water. Stay at the charming Hotel la Quinta Roja, a pastel-pink 17th-century estate with a wide palm-filled courtyard and distinctive watchtower, or the historic boutique hotel San Roque, a delicately restored 18th-century Canarian manor house.

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