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Things to consider before you look for online two wheeler service maintenance

by Alex James
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Timely maintenance and safety go hand in hand. It serves as a form of defence mechanism. Keep your motorcycle in the safest and most effective condition by doing routine inspections, adjustments, and lubrications. The bike periodic services in Pune offer proper service. A motorcycle lasts the test of time offers turning out to be extremely dependable. 

The majority of the time, when people kick start a bike, they believe they will be able to travel at their own pace, but occasionally, these most frequent issues—crushed valve trains, locked transmission systems, blown wheel bearings, dead charging systems, or any combination of the above leave them stranded and helpless along the way.

What does bike servicing involves? 

When it is about a bike service involves checking the health of components by bringing them back to top condition through the replacement of repair. Each owner’s handbook includes a chart outlining the recommended maintenance plan, recommended oil types, service procedures, and other information.

Top Condition with Best 7 Guidelines for Keeping Your Two-Wheeler in Top Condition

  • Observe the bicycle manual.
  • Change the engine oil frequently.
  • Maintain the tire’s air pressure.
  • Keep your air filters clean.
  • Make the Chain Links lubricated.
  • Maintain your brakes.
  • Service your bike frequently.

Follow a comprehensive service manual 

A comprehensive service manual that includes information on how to rebuild any motorcycle component as well as difficult-to-find torque values for each bolt on your motorcycle is required for more complex maintenance. A bike servicing involves servicing of multiple parts including the accessories which are involved in making a bike.

  • Check the break point of every bike  

It is crucial to control the break-in period for every new bike. There are specific break-in guidelines for each motorcycle. Just adhere to the instructions in the owner’s manual, which may change depending on the engine speed. The break point forms the main part of the bike servicing. If it is not mended properly, things might fall out of the box causing issues while you ride the bike. 

  • Change the engine oil of the bike 

In addition to lubricating, engine oil also helps in keeping the engine cool. Regular and scheduled engine oil changes are necessary for two reasons. Regular oil changes are important to prevent oil breakdown, which can be brought on by the heat produced during combustion. The engine parts begin to deteriorate as a result of this circumstance. Oil pollution, which increases the acidity of the oil, leads to internal corrosion, and leaves deposits in the engine, is another factor supporting the recommendation for routine oil changes.

  • Change the air filter frequently

In essence, an air filter captures dust and debris particles to keep them out of the bike engine. If deposited, these foreign particles can damage your valves, internal bearings, and cylinders. When travelling through unusually dry or dusty environments, the air filter needs to be changed more frequently.

  • How to handle your fuel efficiency? 

The following guidelines not only extend the life of your tyres but also enhance handling and fuel efficiency:

  1. Keep the proper air pressure in your tyres at all times.
  2. Once a week, check it with a trustworthy gauge.
  3. Replace your tyres as soon as possible.

Replace the wheel bearings 

As opposed to sealed bearings, exposed portions like suspension links require frequent maintenance. Replace the bearings in the steering stem if you experience notchiness when turning the handlebars or play when pushing the fork back and forth. If you find it apt you can replace the wheel bearings if you detect any play around the front or back axle.

  • Don’t forget to get the drive train maintenance for the bikes

Poor gear changes caused by a dirty drive train will disrupt your comfortable ride. Only the chain stretch, sprocket wear, belt condition, and level of oil in the shaft housing need be taken into consideration. The maintenance of the bikes offer great driving experience for a longer period of time. 

  • Maintain the health of the battery in the bike

Maintain the battery’s full charge. If the starting sounds feeble, the lights are getting dim, or the battery hasn’t been used in more than two weeks, recharge it. Along with these never forget to check the following checkpoints. 

  1. Oil level in the car.
  2. Oil level in the transmission.
  3. Air pressures in tyres.
  4. Leaks of brake fluid or fuel.
  5. Bolt adherence.
  6. Electrical controls and switches.

Check the brake points of the bike maintenance

Almost every component of your bike will survive longer if you brake gently, accelerate gradually, and turn smoothly. Additionally, keeping it clean will make you enjoy it more. Your bike’s lifespan may be shortened if you frequently power shift without easing the clutch or reducing your throttle.

  • How frequently do bikes need maintenance?

Following this initial service, we advise a major service once every 12 months and a minor checkup with each seasonal change. Although it’s a decent rule of thumb, it actually depends on how frequently you ride and the types of riding conditions you encounter. More frequent servicing is a result of heavy usage, rain, muck, and dust.

  • What constitutes fundamental motorcycle maintenance?

How much maintenance you perform on your motorcycle is entirely up to you, but some of the most basic tasks, such as checking the oil, tyre pressure, tyre tread, and chain maintenance, are important to know. If you just use the mechanics at the dealership, motorcycle maintenance might be very expensive.

  • How to maintain your motorcycle and save lot of money? 

When you first buy a motorcycle, you are probably so excited about your brand-new machine that you don’t even consider maintenance. And while that is entirely normal, it is a beginner error. Knowing how to maintain your bike can offer you peace of mind and possibly save you a lot of money on service even if you are not mechanically inclined. 


Additionally, as a beginner rider, you will feel more confident if you understand how your motorcycle operates and can perform some basic motorcycle maintenance on your own. The online two wheeler service maintenance can be done in the best way possible by the experts. 



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