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Tips to Speak English Like a Pro in the IELTS Speaking Section

by Alex James
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IELTS speaking section

With the fear of making mistakes, many candidates don’t feel comfortable speaking in English. Well, this is surely going to keep them away from incredible success in the IELTS exam. Because you have to perform brilliantly in each section to achieve an exceptional IELTS band score. Naturally, your fear of speaking in the English language will restrain you from doing wonders in the IELTS speaking section.

So now the question is what actually makes you speak English like a pro during the IELTS speaking section? Remember that no one has gained proficiency in speaking English with overnight preparation. You have to work hard and sincerely to understand the grammar rules with patience and then their correct application through examples. Only then, you will gain proficiency in speaking English like a pro.

Besides this, there are some key points that help you elevate your performance in the IELTS speaking section. You will come to know those key points through this article to level up your English speaking skills. Along with that, you will also acquire a profound understanding of the mistakes that you have to avoid during the IELTS speaking section.

No doubt, the teachers can also help you boost your confidence to speak English like a pro by exposing you to practical opportunities. Therefore, join an incredible IELTS institute in Patiala to learn some effective tips to ace the IELTS exam with an excellent band score.

Speak English like a pro during the IELTS speaking section and impress the examiner with your excellent English speaking skills through the following pointers:

Seek practical opportunities

Exposing yourself to practical opportunities to speak English will help you level up your English speaking skills. If you fail to do this then gaining proficiency in English speaking skills is going to be very tough for you. Therefore, look for a companion who is keen to speak English like you. Practice conversing in the English language with him on different topics.

Otherwise, you can also select a mirror in your house to be your companion to learn the English language. Get a topic and stand in front of a mirror to discuss that topic. Note that speaking in English is very important for you to speak English like a pro publicly. Therefore, practice secretly in advance to level up your performance in the IELTS speaking section.

Understand the grammar rules and their application

No one can speak in English without having knowledge of some crucial grammar rules. You have to learn the basic syntax of the sentence, gerunds and infinitives, tenses, and English vocabulary in order to gain expertise in speaking English. Make sure to understand their correct application through umpteen examples available over the web.

To understand the grammar rules, you need the finest book along with the finest dictionary and other authentic study sources such as YouTube channels that articulate the application of English grammar rules with the help of examples.

Read novels

To your surprise, the best novels can also elevate your English speaking skills for your IELTS speaking section. Because the novels include the conversation of the characters that will help you understand the sentence formation. If you have no interest in reading novels then we are pretty sure that you have not come across a good novel yet. Therefore, explore the web to choose the best novel and level up your understanding of sentence formation. A profound understanding of sentence formation will help you form sentences on the spot. Thus, grow an interest in reading novels and analyzing sentence structure.

Movies along with subtitles

Watching movies along with subtitles will also help you develop an interest in speaking English like a pro. Cram the conversation or sentence and analyze it in your free time. This is also an exceptional way to improve your knowledge of grammar rules.

Furthermore, if you are making up your mind to take the PTE exam. Then, know that both tests have a similar level when it comes to measuring toughness. For better PTE exam preparations, you can go ahead with the best PTE institute in Patiala.


If you manage to follow the above-mentioned suggestions successfully then, gaining proficiency in speaking English is no longer a tough task for you. Moreover, try to be elaborative while giving answers when there is a need to do so. Because this will help the examiner access your fluency in the English language during the IELTS speaking section.

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