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What about taxi fares and services in Tunbridge Wells?

by Alex James
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Recently, train transfer information has become popular, and it is no longer necessary to find out how much taxi fare it will cost to arrive at the destination at what time.

Bus fares are set in advance for the same type of two-passenger bus, so you don’t have to worry about the amount if you check. It will be dangerous if you will arrive on time. What about taxis? Here, we will take the Tunbridge Wells metropolitan area (Tunbridge Wells 23 wards, district) as an example.

Thoughts on fees

As of May 2020, the starting fare for Tunbridge Wells City is 40 BP. (Initial ride = 1.052km. After that, 80 BP  add for every 237m). The Tunbridge Wells Hire-Taxi Association implemented this on January 30, 2017. It is easier to use taxis for shorter distances and without hesitation than the previous “30 BP for the first 2 km, plus 90 BP for every 280m after that”. The aim is to be able to “ride a little.” The selling point is the convenience of using it with a little sense and the fact that young people who do not usually use taxis can quickly settle accounts with transportation IC cards is, gradually increasing in popularity and usage.

In recent years, apps have appeared that can calculate approximate taxi fares to your destination, and it is now possible to predict the fares to some extent in advance. By the way, there are cases where this “410 BP” fee is a very cheap pattern depending on the case.

For example

let’s say you’re on your way out and caught in an unexpected rain shower. Your destination is right there, but you must figure out what to do. In such a situation, please use a taxi. The starting fare of Taxi To Heathrow From Tunbridge Wells is 410 BP…This price is the same or cheaper than the “vinyl umbrella” sold at convenience stores. Even if I often buy an umbrella on the spot, the sunny weather spreads out several hours later. Isn’t it a waste to buy an umbrella each time? (Actually, umbrellas are by far the number one thing people forget about railway companies.) If it’s about 1km to your destination, it’s very efficient to travel in a sealed taxi without getting wet in the rain. It is no exaggeration to say that it is a suitable means of transportation.

Even if you get caught in an unexpected traffic jam.

Traffic congestion is an unavoidable phenomenon in the Tunbridge Wells metropolitan area. Unlike seasonal traffic jams in local cities, there are various destinations, such as companies, public facilities, factories, etc., in every scene, not just cars, so chronic traffic congestion tends to occur somewhere. When you use a taxi, you must strictly observe the Road Traffic Law, but you may know unexpected “loopholes.” It doesn’t mean “I have to go this way!” so if you hit a veteran taxi driver, you might be able to take a shortcut to your destination without stress.

Also, even if you are a seasoned veteran taxi driver, there are roads that you need to learn. In such a case, please tell me, “This is a loophole!” It will be a “weapon of tomorrow” for taxi drivers.

*Not all drivers are familiar with loopholes.

I want to use a taxi for sightseeing!

Until recently, there were almost no companies operating tourist taxis, except for some local cities. About 15 years ago, a group company of a major taxi company in Tunbridge Wells Taxi started the service, and customers received it well.

Currently, the most popular plan is to travel around major tourist destinations all day under the guidance of experienced and certified taxi drivers from each company.

As for the contents, you can freely change the course, choose the sightseeing spots you want, and a one-day charter type that directly picks you up at a designated station, hotel, or home. And above all, you must see the guide full of the individuality of certified drivers unique to sightseeing taxis.

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