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What Are Some of the Common Mistakes Students Make in an Assignment?

by Alex James
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Academic assignments are every student’s struggle. Though assignments are dull, a student must complete them to succeed further. The changing time calls for quick solutions and easy management. Students often seek assignment help Perth to avoid making any errors. This article focuses on the top 10 mistakes to avoid while writing your assignments.

Common Mistakes To avoid while writing your assignment

Failure to understand the assignment

Often, a student skims through the assignment and proceeds further. Not reading it entirely or failing to go through the guidelines can significantly impact the grades. The assignment mentions the topic and format; if you do not understand, you can ask for clarity.

Unclear of the word limit

The assignment guidelines must mention a word limit. If not, you can ask your professor. Having a predefined word limit makes it clear how to divide the work. Some students often mistake exceeding the word limit while others fall short of it. Both scenarios portray them negatively, leading to the deduction of grades.

Professors don’t want to read extra than necessary while grading a student. Like students, even they look for ways to limit their work in the best way possible. Thus, the word limit. Likewise, a student sub ceding the word limit demonstrates poor research, grasping and writing skills. It displays that the student has not put in the necessary effort.

Unclear of the idea

Make sure your writing straightforwardly conveys information. Use simple, easy-to-read language. In the given word limit, you must provide the background information, some valid arguments, and your opinion and conclude with a strong statement. You must carry out the necessary readings to make your work accurate and credible. Be sure to include references from reliable, verified sources.

Doing preliminary research will provide you with sufficient information to formulate your opinion. A student may deviate from the original topic, which irritates the readers. To avoid this, prepare your assignment’s aim, objective, significance and purpose. Come back to this whenever you lose track of your work.

Try to comprehend the concept, and if you face difficulties, contact assignment help Perth. Their experts can simplify complex ideas and make learning easy by providing real-life examples, case studies and anecdotes. Especially for statistics assignment help, they offer solutions that answer the student’s doubts.

Incorrect citations

While crafting a reliable work, citations must be focused upon for accuracy. Since you are defending your argument using those supporting data, they must be accurately cited. A reader or professor might not get the cited page due to inaccuracy, making your work look invalid despite hard work.

You must cite your sources throughout the work. And make sure you have sufficient time to do this, as “work in haste goes to waste”. If you lack time, you can take statistics assignment help, whose experts are familiar with referencing styles and formats. They can quickly make your work credible due to their years of experience.

Failure to review the work

If you send in your work before reviewing it, your grades suffer highly. You must go through your work again to make the necessary edits. Ensure the structure is appropriate and chronological. It should follow from the most important to the least important parts. Rephrase for better comprehension. Make sure your work is reader-friendly and connects the arguments.

Refine it by rectifying any errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation. Making these changes enhances your work quality. You can take assignment help Perth to review your work and receive professional feedback.

Statistics students especially don’t have time to review their work due to the vast reading pile. They can take statistics assignment help to make their job easier.


Many students copy-paste someone’s work, thinking it to have no consequences. It is counted as plagiarism; in other words, it is copying. Several universities have a strict policy against plagiarism. Students submitting plagiarized work can have negative consequences such as dedication in marks and failure in the assignment or the subject.

It is best to avoid copy-pasting and to ensure that you may use online tools such as plagiarism checkers or software like Turnitin, Grammarly, etc. You can get a professional expert to eliminate plagiarism and modify your work for the highest grades. Contact the best statistics assignment help.

Common Mistakes Students Make in Statistics Assignments.

Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with experiment design, data collection, interpretation, and future prediction based on statistical analysis. The answers must be accurate and precise. Because the subject is challenging, which often perplexes the students, they tend to commit some common mistakes. Some of them are:

  • Expecting too much accuracy
  • Sampling errors
  • Over Interpretation
  • Incorrect choice of measure
  • Misunderstanding related to probability
  • Misunderstanding related to causation
  • Inappropriate analysis method
  • Communication error

They can seek statistics assignment help to avoid making such mistakes. Assignment Experts at assignment help Perth can help you navigate statistical assignments more efficiently.

How to Write Good Statistics assignments?

  1. Plan Early
  2. Schedule
  3. Brainstorm for ideas
  4. Research
  5. Create an Outline
  6. Write Introduction, Body and Conclusion
  7. Edit and Proofread
  8. Avoid using jargons
  9. Use simple, formal language
  10. Provide relevant examples

Where can I get Statistics Assignment Help?

You can get statistics assignment help at My Essay Mate. A group of professionals have come together to make education accessible to all. Students face multiple challenges while doing their assignments, especially assignments related to finance, accounting, statistics, etc., to name a few. These professionals assist students worldwide to reach their full potential, advancing their academic and career growth.

Some of their advantages include the following:

24*7 availability:

Their services are available round the clock, anytime, anywhere. Any student can easily access them through their live student portals.

Easy to Use

User-friendly and easily accessible! Anyone can reach them through their live student portals, e-mails or contact numbers.

Academic Experts:

Once you submit your queries, an expert in your field is assigned to you. These experts have successfully aced multiple rounds hiring processes, including verification, personal interviews, background checks and personalized tests. They come from the topmost universities and have secured respectful positions due to their years of experience. They cater to the student’s requirements, understand the process and work for the highest student satisfaction. They have experts who have provided statistics assignment help to thousands of learners worldwide.

Student Confidentiality:

You can rely upon them to maintain student confidentiality; they don’t share customer information with external parties.

One-on-one sessions allow the expert and learner to engage and exchange a meaningful discourse. It will enable maximum comprehension and retention as the expert explains in detail using various real-life examples and case studies.

Original Content:

Experts ensure the assignment is non-plagiarised for the highest grades. Original work with relevant, in-depth research enhances the work quality and makes it deserve recognition. Experts have a plethora of resources that add value to your work.

 Zero Errors:

Academic experts keep a deadline before the actual deadline. They edit and proofread the work to eliminate errors, including spacing, grammar, punctuation or spelling. They modify the work, making it clear and easy to read.

Affordable costs:

My Essay Mate provides statistic assignment help, or any other assignment help Perth at reasonable prices.

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