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What is Podcast Submission in SEO?

by Alex James
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Submitting content as a podcast is a fun and interactive way to share information. It works hard to hook viewers and advance the brand to its goal. If you have a fantastic voice, you should put in the time and effort to learn what podcast submitting is. It has the potential to increase your company’s online profile greatly. Developing material that podcast submissions can get behind is essential.

Podcasts, or online audio broadcasts, are shows that have already been recorded but may be accessed by anybody with an internet connection. It’s an original approach to reaching out to people for their permission. It saves both parties time and effort. To speed up your company and come out on top, you need to know what podcast submission in SEO entails.

Can SEO Benefit from Listening to Podcasts?

Audio search engine optimization, of which podcast SEO is a subset, has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years. With its help, you may exploit the potential of audio SEO to improve your search engine rankings for targeted keywords. Podcasts have become one of the most powerful types of audio SEO Cairns, alongside webinars and other audio programs.

There has been a meteoric increase in podcast listeners over the last three months, up by more than 29.5 percent. There is always an individual seeking a podcast on any subject, no matter how specific it may seem, because of the huge range of listeners. Most podcast listeners are college-educated millennials, making them a strong target audience for brands and producers. To cater to this trend, Google introduced its platform in podcast SEO, which gives preference to podcasts that adhere to Google’s SEO guidelines. Therefore, podcasts may unquestionably aid in SEO efforts, provided appropriate SEO principles are adhered to.

How To Optimize Your Podcasts For Search Engines And Rise To The Top

Make a Podcast Website

Your podcast may benefit from extra information and context if you host it on a dedicated website. As a plus, this may be found via a search engine. Create new blog entries to accompany each new episode.

Search engines like Google always appreciate new material, which might improve your rating. A newsletter on your website is a great way to keep your audience informed and grow your email list.

Find Podcast Content Ideas That Will Attract Listeners

In terms of distribution, podcasts are distinct from blogs. Podcasts are audio files as opposed to textual blogs. It’s common knowledge that readers aren’t interested in blog entries that don’t focus on a certain subject or theme. They do not increase search engine rankings and get little buzz on social media. Similarly, this idea is also applicable to podcasts.

Does some research on the latest developments in the field before you launch a podcast? Search for terms associated with your subject of interest. This provides you with more material to work with and insight into the content’s social shares, backlinks, or SEO traffic.

Remember that only some podcasts will be a smashing success and attract listeners. To maintain popularity, it’s important to offer new content that readers find interesting regularly.

Put Meta Descriptions to Good Use

Write enticing meta descriptions that inform your viewers and search engines about the content of your pages. Due to their brevity, however, they need careful planning before being deployed.

When writing a description, put your keyword at the beginning to increase the likelihood that people will click on it. Outline the episode’s plot in an informative and engaging manner.

Listen to Podcast Voices

The host of your podcast should have a confident and powerful voice. This is done so that Google’s speech recognition system may understand as many terms as possible in a given language. If you talk slowly or unclearly, Google’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) will have difficulty understanding what you’re saying, and artificial intelligence (AI) will have a harder time transcribing it.

Having a distinct podcast voice may improve podcast search engine optimization. In the same way that a podcast with a compelling subject and engaging host may increase organic traffic, so can a podcast with a strong voice and a large audience.

When starting, it is important to let your heart guide your words rather than your brain. Maintain an upright position when recording, and speak slowly and clearly so that your listener and Google’s AI can understand you.

Spend More Time on Titles

To encourage your listeners to play the episode, the title should give them a clear idea of what they may expect from listening to it.

Your podcast’s overall popularity will increase directly to the number of downloads each episode receives. However, the title should also contain the episode’s primary keyword to get Google to notice your podcast. If implementing all the suggestions at once seems like too much work, try focusing on just one at a time. On the other hand, SEO should never come at the expense of quality.

The production of high-quality episodes and commentary on those episodes should always be your first focus. Offering your readers or viewers something they can’t get enough of will ensure their return.

Your podcast would benefit greatly from having smaller chapters. Podcasts often have the informality of a talk show. However, it doesn’t imply the podcast presenter keeps chatting endlessly. Like any other written material, your podcast requires an outline and a central idea.

Breaking up a long podcast into manageable chunks can keep listeners engaged. A table of contents may be included with different chapter headings. This way, individuals may quickly find the information they need without listening to the whole file.

The podcast has a structure, thanks to the chapters. It is also easier for the podcast presenter if they have to record a short chapter. One other thing: a short chapter is easier to transcribe than a lengthy one. Having chapters helps Google better grasp your podcast’s subject and topic, which improves your podcast’s search engine optimization.


It would help if you had professional tools to hone your public speaking skills and submit compelling podcast episodes. Your company can profit if you know what podcast submission is and how to use it. Public speaking abilities may be honed by regularly creating and uploading podcasts. If you want to improve your abilities, you should learn about podcast submissions in SEO and then put that knowledge to good use.

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