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What’s a Rainbow Rose, and what does it mean?

What's a Rainbow Rose, and what does it mean?

by Alex James
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What's a Rainbow Rose, and what does it mean?

Rainbow roses are a great choice for a flower gift that is bright, beautiful, and sure to make someone happy. With their beautiful and bright mix of colours, they are sure to make anyone who gets them smile right away. These unique flowers are easy to remember for all the right reasons. They are also called “happy roses” or “kaleidoscope roses.” Rainbow roses have a beautiful mix of brightly coloured petals on each bloom. They make a happy gift for both young and old people on almost any special occasion.

What’s a Rainbow Rose, and what does it mean?

Here, we’ll tell you how these happy roses came to be and what they mean, so you can give them to a loved one at the right time.

Are there real Rainbow Roses?

Despite what some online sellers say, you can’t grow rainbow roses from seed in your garden. So, what is a rainbow rose exactly? They look and smell like cut roses, but the petals are dyed to make a beautiful kaleidoscope of colours on each one. Order roses online and have the experience of  most common colours in rainbow roses are pink, blue, yellow, orange, and green.

How Did Rainbow Roses Get Their Name?

Peter van de Werken, a flower grower from the Netherlands, came up with the idea of making kaleidoscope roses. When sales of flowers with only one colour dropped at his nursery, he got the idea to try something new.

Using his background in science, he started to try out different ways to colour flowers with natural dyes. First, he tried spraying, then he switched to putting coloured dyes in water. The method was perfected after about six months of tweaking. Since 2005, when production started, millions of rainbow roses have been sent all over the world.

How do you make a rainbow rose?

The stem of a white or cream-colored rose is carefully cut into sections. The Dutch Vendela variety is the best choice. Then, each part of the stem is put in a separate vase with water and a carefully chosen colour dye. As the rose takes in the water and drinks it, the petals soak up the colour. The water evaporates, leaving the dye, which turns the petals into bright and beautiful colours. The process takes between 12 and 24 hours, and while it could be used to make any colour (except black and white), the original happy rose only has the seven colours of the rainbow. And you can Order roses online.

It’s not a new idea to use dyes to give cut flowers colours that don’t exist in nature. Blue roses are one of the first and most common examples of this. You can also colour carnations, hydrangeas, orchids, and chrysanthemums with this method.

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What’s so important about rainbow-colored roses?

Rainbow roses are happy and joyful because their petals are bright and come in many different colours. The rainbow of colours gives them a sense of brightness and fun right away, which makes them the best flower to celebrate happy events like birthdays, anniversaries, or a new baby.

When you give someone flowers as a gift, it’s important to know what each colour means. Each colour of rose has its own meaning. For example, a red rose means love and romance, a light pink rose means love and admiration, and a white rose means purity or sympathy.

When Should Rainbow Roses Be Given?

Rainbow roses are a great gift for friends and family, and they make special days brighter and happier. Here are some times when a happy rose is a great way to celebrate, give thanks, or congratulate someone.

Birthdays: What better way to wish someone a happy birthday than with a bouquet of roses? No matter how old they are or how old they are turning, the bright colours will make any birthday party more fun and festive.

Mother’s Day: Our moms deserve to be spoiled on Mother’s Day, so kaleidoscope roses are a great gift if you’re looking for something extra special by Online flower delivery and make that evening as best evening. Pair them with something simple, like her favourite chocolates and champagne, to give her a full treat.

Anniversaries: Red roses are always romantic, but for your next anniversary, why not send something a little different and give rainbow roses? It’s a unique way to say “I love you” that will stick in your mind.

New Baby: Use the beautiful colours of the rainbow to welcome the new baby into your family or group of friends. A bunch of happy roses will brighten up the hospital room and is the perfect way to congratulate mom and dad on their new baby.

Graduation: Rainbow roses are a beautiful way to show your daughter, son, niece, nephew, or other important person who just graduated how proud you are of their hard work. Give them a bunch of these bright flowers as a gift to make it extra special and memorable.

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Give a Rainbow as a Gift Today

If you want to make someone’s day, a bunch of happy rainbow roses in a bouquet, arrangement, or a nice gift box is hard to beat. Rainbow roses are a great gift for any reason, whether you’re celebrating a special event or just want to make someone happy.

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