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Why Bring Home the Climbing Arch and Rocker for Your Child?

by Alex James
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Play equipment, whether indoor or outdoor, at home or school, must be age-appropriate and safe for children. It should provide children the opportunities to lead their play and develop various skills while having them explore, play, and learn. Some of the recommended play equipment to instill various skills in children as they play are Climbing arch and Rocker, Pikler Climber, and Dome. Do you know what is common among all these? Well, they allow free movement to the child and are climbing structures. Get the best quality toys only on lilyandriver.com. Please go check out their play equipment range and sensory and concept-based toys. Your child will surely love them!

What exactly are the Climbing Arch, Rocker, and Pikler Climber?

The Climbing Arch, Rocker, and Pikler Climber are all great play equipment to invest in the growing early of your child from 6 months to 5 years. First, however, let us understand the difference between the arch, triangle, and Rocker:

  • The Pikler Climber is a climbing structure that encourages children to climb up and down its rungs, which leads to the development of physical skills, balance, control, cognitive thinking skills, and much more!
  • The climbing arch and Rocker is play equipment that can be used from both sides. It serves as be climbing structure on one hand that helps children build on their skills, just like the Pikler Climber. On the other hand, you can turn it upside down, and it becomes a seesaw. Hence they are a great addition to your child’s play area at home and school.

The best Climbing Arch, Rocker, and Pikler Climber?

Available in the market?

We surely wish to give our children the best. No compromises on quality because it could lead to accidents and injuries that one cannot afford with children. Hence, a detailed survey was conducted with parents who have been using these play equipment and have recommended Lilyanddriver. com due to the following reasons:

  1. The Pikler climber and the dome, gymnast, Rocker, and climbing arch are made from good quality wood with a smooth surface.
  2. Expert artisans develop the play equipment from Amercia.
  3. The toys undergo thorough testing for quality.
  4. They offer the facility of Play Now-Pay Later- grab it!
  5. They provide the finest foldable playground for climbing, sliding, bridges, forts, and more.
  6. They are an earth-friendly brand as they grow a tree for every product sale!

The Pikler Climber comes in a collapsible form that is easy to fold and store.

You can find the Pikler triangle, Little steps, Climbing arch, Rocker, dome, matchable, stackables and so much more for your child on their website-lilyandriver.com.

A Little more about the Climbing Arch

The Climbing arch by Lily & River for children is like a bridge with many cross-boards that make it look like a ladder. Children explore and, with time, find different ways of playing with it using their creativity and imagination as it is purely child-led play providing them with free exploration. They can climb on it, use it as a tunnel, a house, and so on. You can combine it with the Pikler Climber or Triangle to make them more difficult and interesting for children.

The Climbing arch, combined with other play equipment like the Pikler climber or by itself, gives children multiple opportunities for crawling, climbing, running, and resting while developing various physical and cognitive skills.

It aims at supporting children in developing their balance, control, eye-hand coordination, psychomotor skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills by simply playing with them as they climb and go up and down.

A Little more about the Pikler Climber

The Pikler Climber is a climbing structure best suited for toddlers as young as 6 months to 5 years. Well, the reason is that it provides opportunities to explore, learn and grow owing to its following features:

  • Its low in height and hence safe for children.
  • Provides an easy grip to hold the rungs and stand or climb up and down.
  • Provides the apt angle of inclination.
  • it is small and hence can be kept indoors at home for children to play.
  • It helps children to satisfy their need for climbing.
  • It can be used as a tunnel, house, a resting place based on the child’s imagination.
  • It can stand independently without having to be foxed to the floor or wall and yet stay sturdy while your child climbs on it.
  • It comes in a collapsible option and is easy to fold and store.
  • It promotes autonomy in children, instilling independence and boosting confidence in them.

The idea of ​​this piece of furniture is to encourage the development of child’s autonomy to promote their independence.

Let us explore the benefits of using these climbing structures like the Pikler Climber or the Climbing arch

  • It creates body awareness.
  • It enhances their spatial awareness.
  • It boosts their confidence
  • It increases their muscle strength.
  • It leads to brain development
  • It builds their gross and fine motor skills.
  • Children’s movements become more synchronized and harmonious;
  • It Integrates their primitive reflexes;
  • Builds their problem-solving skills.
  • Builds their critical thinking skills.

A Little more about the Rocker

The Rocker is quite similar to the Climber arch except for the quality of turning it upside down to use as a sea saw! The Rocker leads to the development of your child’s coordination and a host of other skills too. What is crucial is to get the best quality rocker to ensure there are no unforeseen accidents and injuries to your child. So start your shopping journey with the best on lilyandriver.com.


We hope this blog has helped many parents clear their doubts and consciously decide to invest in the best quality Pikler Climber, Rocker, Climbing arch, Little steps, and even the dome available on lilyandriver.com to stimulate healthy and effective development in your child.

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